Roisterers In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Roisterers | Roisterers Sentence

  • The roisterers filled their glasses.
  • The roisterers flocked down the steps to the street.
  • The roisterers burst into song again . . . .
  • Except the roisterers in the tavern, the village folk were abed.
  • You must sit by the fire till those roisterers have drunk themselves to sleep.

How To Use Roisterers In A Sentence?

  • Like a pack of demoralized sheep the roisterers crowded and pressed into the hall.
  • I cannot imagine any band of tavern tipplers or jovial roisterers ever meeting there, but it was doubtless used for political gatherings.
  • The roisterers could be heard discussing wagers, some of which concerned horses, scandals, and women.

Definition of Roisterers

plural of roisterer

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