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  • He began to roll up his plans.
  • Elsa began to roll up her sleeves.
  • He had to roll up the trouser hems.
  • They roll up a bitter pill for human vanity.
  • Then he must roll up his hammock and stow it away.
  • Cut thin, roll up like thin bread-and-butter.
  • Including the keepers, I can roll up six men.
  • Suppose we roll up in our blankets and sleep by the campfire?
  • Sybarina watched her guests roll up in their blankets and nodded approvingly.
  • Ye kin roll up 'most anywhar ye like.
  • She heard the low boom of a signal gun roll up from the sea.
  • They watch the waves as they roll up on the beach, and break into white foam.
  • In the late summer great dust-storms used to roll up across the plain.
  • I ceased: he sat himself quietly down, and began to roll up my shadow.
  • The shot roll up the Murfreesboro pike like balls on a bowling alley.
  • She would laugh, roll up her eyes, and exclaim, "shocking!
  • Now roll up your sleeves--no, your left.
  • The railroads'll git scairt and send quite a bank roll up this way.

How To Use Roll Up In A Sentence?

  • Something inside her now seemed to roll up as though she were going to see what was behind it.
  • John laid down his handkerchief full of cockles and began to roll up his trousers higher.
  • You sneak off and roll up that piece of buckskin, and thrust it into the alforja.
  • Proceed to roll up with a lithographic hand-roller charged with good black printing ink.
  • If a man has money to start with, he can add to it as easily as you can roll up a snowball.
  • The man who looked like the executioner began to undress and roll up his shirt-sleeves.
  • This is a wooden funnel like that made of paper by village shopkeepers to roll up soft sugar in.
  • Go round and tell the hands to roll up in the shed at half-past seven to-night.
  • Vapors are unreliable things at best, and are prone to roll up the sky with fateful swiftness.
  • Strange clouds seemed to hang upon the horizon, ready to roll up in tragic darkness and gloom.
  • They watched the smoke roll up until it hid the face of jolly, round, red Mr. Sun.
  • You know how bewildering and tricky those early mists are when they start to roll up before the wind.
  • Sube hastily donned his white apron and began to roll up his sleeves while the other players put on their various costumes.
  • I think we can do no better than to climb the ladder to the top of one of the mows, roll up in our blankets and go to sleep.
  • Two or three wakes or bow waves would cross each other, and the sea would roll up with a bounding white crest.
  • In a kind of dazed wonder, she saw his blade fall from his grasp and his eyes roll up at her, as he staggered backwards.
  • Getting some hot water, she helped him roll up his sleeves and then, handing him her soap, told him to wash.
  • The sun has sunk beneath the ridge of black rocks, and in the brief gloaming the miasmatic vapours seem to roll up thicker than before.
  • Then roll up the meat, and with a sharp knife score it round in circles, rubbing powdered sage into the cuts.
  • It was nine o'clock, and I was getting ready to roll up in my blankets and go to sleep.
  • To make a mould for a pencil, or a rod which may be cut into short lengths for slugs, roll up a piece of paper as shown in fig.
  • One after another was taken and it began to look as if Ali would soon roll up the entire flank and pluck victory from defeat.

Definition of Roll Up

(transitive) To make something into a particular shape, especially cylindrical or fold-like. | (transitive) To close (a car window). | (transitive) To make into a bundle.
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