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  • Nor can any blame be attached to romancer or steamship captain.
  • The Iroquois romancer was better protected than the white one is.
  • As romancer to the children I had a hard time, even from the beginning.
  • Had I the pen of a romancer I might enlarge on this sensational theme.
  • Wherein the Romancer takes courteous leave of the Three Gentle Readers.

How To Use Romancer In A Sentence?

  • They were so popular that very few were found playing about the grounds when the eloquent romancer proceeded in his narrative.
  • For the romancer not only pleases himself with fictitious glories: he also terrifies himself with imaginary dangers.
  • She knew all the great romances of the world, and knew likewise more than the greatest romancer ever wrote of women.
  • It is characteristic of the romancer that he does not specify whether this symbolic blossom was a gardenia, an orchid, a tuberose, a japonica, or what it was.
  • Again, our romancer had read the common historical accounts of the great landslide which buried the inn in the Notch of the White Mountains.

Definition of Romancer

(entertainment industry) A romantic film or television show.
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