Rosebud In A Sentence

Definition of Rosebud

The bud of a rose. | (Britain, sometimes as a term of endearment) A pretty young woman. | (US, rare) A debutante.

How To Use Rosebud In A Sentence?

  • He took the rosebud out of his buttonhole and gave it to her, looking her straight in the eyes.
  • Not a single little rosebud without a thorn, yet so beautiful in other respects.
  • There was no rosebud curve to the rather wide mouth that showed a set of magnificent white teeth.
  • She looked like a rosebud herself, so beautiful among the rose and lacey draperies of her couch.
  • She glided to the flower-basket, broke a rosebud from its stalk, and mutely offered it to him.
  • The Rosebud had been opened up and swallowed by the advancing wave of people westward.
  • She laid her on a sofa, soothed her, and in a few moments Rosebud seemed again as usual.
  • Yet the rosebud face of Anne Leffingwell expressed concern and doubt rather than gratification.
  • Here Rosebud lived a happy life, the pet of the whole seminary, till she was a young lady.
  • Sweet child, upon thy tomb, a rosebud blossomed; The hand would reach at it, but it cannot.
  • It looked as though I too were going to reap a harvest from the Rosebud Opening.
  • If I had found a name like Barrabas Rosebud it would not have roused his suspicions.
  • Down the Tongue we marched for two days of hard going, thence westerly to the Rosebud River.
  • At last, on request of the agents at Pine Ridge and Rosebud the troops entered, to keep order.
  • He had whisked out his handkerchief to wipe them, and no doubt a rosebud lodged in the folds had fallen to the ground.
  • As they passed out she stepped hastily back, and unclasping a rosebud from her breastpin laid it on the table beside me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rosebud | Rosebud Sentence

  • The rosebud brightly blowing!
  • Her rosebud mouth seemed to quiver.
  • For the wild rosebud on the bush he burned.
  • The curtains and bed-hangings were of rosebud chintz.
  • A rosebud tapped twice against the window-pane.
  • Me in my rosebud sash and best embroidered white gown.
  • The rosebud lips awaited him, yet he did not understand.
  • Before they parted Rosebud was asked to sing.
  • I soon discovered Felicita by the rosebud in her hair.
  • So now the Rosebud was the widow Toothaker.
  • The rosebud was destined never to bloom for Edward Fane.
  • A Don Juan as fresh as spring, a rosebud desperado.
  • Her rosebud of a mouth trembled in the overtures of a smile.
  • His eyes were aglow with happiness, he had a white rosebud in his button-hole.
  • She is leaning towards him, a soft red rosebud crushed against her lips.
  • An' you was lookin' a rosebud dis mornin'.
  • He never refused to go anywhere or to do anything when Rosebud asked him.
  • The Rosebud Opening was one of the most famous lotteries of them all.
  • A boy espied, in morning light, A little rosebud blowing.
  • Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red, Heathrose fair and tender!
  • When Jasper left her, Rosebud was faint from fear of his wicked eyes.
  • Sweet child, upon thy tomb a rosebud blossomed; Is it thy joy or grief?
  • The school Rosebud attended was called Nun's House.
  • Rev. James F. Cross, Rosebud Agency, S. Dakota.
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