Rosettes In A Sentence

How To Use Rosettes In A Sentence?

  • I found the rosettes that moved the catches and had the panel out in a twinkling.
  • Depressed; with rosettes and geometrical figures on the upper half of the body.
  • These ribbons matched the rosettes presented in an equally haphazard way to every man.
  • Festoons of print, flags of print, rosettes of print: these did duty for the occasion.
  • The more rosettes developed on Siberian kales, the more little leaves there are to be picked.
  • The ends of this scarf are brought in folds to the feet, and terminated with bows and rosettes of the same material.
  • He was decorated with a white-braided cord bridle with silk rosettes and he wore between his ears a feather pompon.
  • These little blue rosettes had set his heart to beating, sending more than the normal amount of blood to his head.
  • Inner marginal band with diamond spaces and colored triangles, scrolls, and small rosettes or flowers below.
  • Over one shoulder he wore a short cloak of yellow velvet clasped with diamonds; and the rosettes of his shoes were a blaze of diamonds.
  • Sow in rows 4 feet apart and thin gradually until the rosettes are 3 inches in diameter, then thin to 18 inches apart.
  • The zones are often interrupted by broad perpendicular stripes or inclosed spaces in which circles, scroll figures, or rosettes are inserted.
  • The rosettes formed by a mammillary disk surrounded by a circle of leaves, rolled elegantly outward, are from four inches to a foot in diameter.
  • Brick rosettes exhibited their curious designs, spreading with square stitches, so to speak, like patterns for worsted work.
  • The flat rosettes of leaves sometimes measure over a foot across, and are thickly sown with the bright golden flowers, large in proportion to the size of the plants.
  • The cheers were answered and hats were lifted in all directions, and handkerchiefs and red, white, and blue rosettes were waved from the windows of neighboring houses.
  • During our drive that afternoon we met some of the prize-winners, horses and cattle decorated with ribbon rosettes of many colours, and carrying their certificates suspended from their horns or from their necks.
  • The players take their seats on the ground on the line of the circle, those wearing blue rosettes on the north half, those wearing green rosettes on the south half of the circle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rosettes | Rosettes Sentence

  • The placing of the rosettes was amusing.
  • Between those shafts are rosettes and rows of foliage.
  • Small rosettes or flowers on inner surface.
  • One had pink rosettes at his ears and a deerskin side-saddle.
  • There were large green rosettes upon her little pointed shoes.
  • In her hand she held a large shaggy felt, trimmed with rosettes of velvet.

Definition of Rosettes

plural of rosette
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