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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rot | Rot Sentence

  • They rot above ground.
  • What kind of rot is he talking?
  • Women always talked such rot to each other.
  • They just lie and rot by the roadside.
  • But the rot stopped with the fall of that wicket.
  • May he rot in hell for his obstinate reticence.
  • God knows, what rot it is?
  • But shall it therefore rot in the harbor?
  • The dry rot of hypocrisy is ruining you.
  • Psha! rot the workhouse!
  • Mond noch rot sich brach.
  • Let him rot in the web of lies he spins!
  • These dead rot in the sunshine and in the rain.
  • The square ones, rot you!
  • Long immersion tends to rot the fibres of the paper.
  • He talked a lot of rot about its being the easiest death.
  • Da wurde sie rot und sehr verlegen.
  • With never a word, to rot and rust.
  • The wart will rot away just as the buried things decay.
  • An' rot the dyvors i' the jails!
  • You know that rot you've been talking isn't true.
  • Awful rot your going to such a hole as Oxford!
  • Ordain that their garments May rot on their bodies!
  • Ordain that their garments May rot on their bodies!
  • One doesn't quite rot in one's selfishness, after all.
  • Er wurde rot unter diesen Blicken.
  • F'r Oi niver 'listed to rot in barracks.
  • Ein flammendes Rot ueberflog sie, verging aber schnell.
  • In einer Kinderschar fliegt rot ein Kleid.
  • Haende an, die sind ganz rot, ganz rot von Blut.
  • Schilf hinab und das Wasser wurde rot von Blut.
  • Und nun steht eine ungeheure Scheibe rot auf dem Horizont.
  • Augen und dem seltsamen Rot ihrer gemalten Lippen...
  • In das Rot der unsichtbaren Sonne stieg ein blauer Dampf.
  • Shall the weeds grow over these walls and my lumber rot while you sit idly by?
  • I've got no use for that kind of rot and nonsense!
  • I call it rot letting a chap like him represent the house at anything.
  • They will rot away in chests and hang to dusty tatters in barn lofts.

How To Use Rot In A Sentence?

  • Bacteria occur when there is too much humidity and this shows in a wet rot or a brown blotch.
  • Constant care is necessary to prevent dry rot in the transportation and commissary departments.

Definition of Rot

(intransitive) To suffer decomposition due to biological action, especially by fungi or bacteria. | (intransitive) To decline in function or utility. | (transitive, intransitive) To (cause to) deteriorate in any way, as in morals; to corrupt.
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