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How To Use Rotten In A Sentence?

  • Between what is a rag and what is merely a rotten trick there is a very definite line drawn.
  • The larva also lives in rotten wood; it is too scarce ever to prove very destructive in houses.
  • I affirm steadily that the foundations of Political Economy are rotten and crazy.
  • As I say, I've made a rotten failure of everything, but there's one chance left!
  • He is considered a rotten conversationalist, and he did nothing at the club to improve his reputation.
  • Ever take a piece of meat out of the freezer you've got and see how rotten and moldy it is?
  • With this a spark fire can be promptly soaked out beyond danger of invisible smouldering in rotten wood or duff.
  • Thus beset he ventured the crossing, but the plank was rotten and broke under his weight, falling with him into the reservoir.
  • After the first surprise, their feeling had been that it was a rotten thing to have done and beastly rough luck on the poor brute.
  • The young wife did as she was told, and there was the trickster pounding a rotten stump with the stone ax so as to make the sounds they had heard.
  • The women all got rotten with fever and quit, and the men can't chase them back into the swamps.
  • It was nervous work, for the flooring, which was rotten and broken into great holes, creaked ominously.
  • They was a pair of old rotten wood chests, by the look of them, made of boards nailed together with rusty nails.
  • It goes like rotten apples: first a bit goes rotten here and then a bit there; and the rottenness spreads and runs together.
  • Every discharge in this position was of course most deadly, and told fearfully upon the rotten hull of the Richard.
  • We soon, however, got on a light rotten earth, and were again obliged to make for the river, with the teams completely exhausted.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rotten | Rotten Sentence

  • What a rotten town this is!
  • What rotten pedaling!
  • It was such absolutely rotten luck.
  • It was a rotten thing to keep such letters.
  • Fortunately the boat struck a rotten log.
  • And the rotten old five-barred gate!
  • None of us were ever any the worse for our rotten fish.
  • Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
  • The auld rotten wreck of a Hulk.
  • The crest, a sour crab-apple, rotten at the core.
  • Certainly Valdana was a rotten scamp ...
  • But where rotten opinions are there must of necessity be all these things.
  • The rope broke because they used a rotten rope intentionally.
  • Then the remaining anchor-cable snapped like a rotten thread.
  • It stood on rotten foundations, and now it has fallen to pieces.
  • We're too rotten, too rotten all the way through.
  • You've put the whole rotten business into a nutshell.
  • These rotten piano-thumping immigrants deserve a hard call-down.
  • Put a little soft, rotten wood in the bottom, and there you are!
  • Everything is wet, and I am sleeping in a rotten tent which leaks.
  • But I couldn't help it; it was just rotten luck.
  • I could always keep my head above water there, but London is a rotten hole.
  • No, I ain't been in their rotten little army....
  • He's a gentlemanly sort of fellow, from what I hear, but a rotten spy.

Definition of Rotten

Of perishable items, overridden with bacteria and other infectious agents. | In a state of decay. | Cruel, mean or immoral.
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