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  • The wind whistles for its rowdy company.
  • Involuntarily Rowdy reached for it.
  • Then Rowdy came to help him.
  • He sighed for his rowdy Circe.
  • Inwardly, Rowdy dodged.
  • No more need rowdy Rad or rough rage.
  • At least, Rowdy and the visitors talked.
  • This idea seemed to amuse Rowdy a good deal.
  • Possibly Rowdy anticipated a good rest, and hay.
  • For a moment Rowdy found nothing to say; he just stared.
  • Sometimes the rowdy dance halls of Old Town were invaded.
  • In two days Rowdy was quite at home with the Cross L.
  • For then was the time that she preferred for her rowdy tricks.
  • If Rowdy considered these statements compliments he did not say so.
  • But Rowdy stayed where he was, with the gate creaking to and fro between them.
  • He set a specially rowdy band of jokers at free quarters at the Priory.
  • Pink asked frankly, though he was not supposed to know where Rowdy had been.
  • That "even" may have been a slip, but it heartened Rowdy immensely.
  • Out ahead, a dog began barking vaguely, and Rowdy turned eagerly to the sound.
  • Before it Rowdy and Rafe, the two strange boys, had hung a piece of matting.
  • Tess explained to Rowdy that Tom Jonah was a dog, and a very good dog, too.
  • They played games, paid forfeits, and Tess told stories, and Rowdy sang songs.
  • Here's the New York Rowdy Journal!

How To Use Rowdy In A Sentence?

  • Moreover, there is a certain psychological interest in this rowdy corner of a peaceful park.
  • And had Rowdy made the dumplings all right and seasoned the stew so that it would be palatable?
  • She looked at Rowdy sidelong, and then went straight at what was in the minds of both.
  • Dashing across the floor of the cave, he seized Rowdy and pulled him out of the way.
  • With that he shut the door, and left Rowdy to acquaint himself with his new home.
  • He settled his hat more firmly over his curls, and eyed Rowdy anxiously from under his lashes.
  • Howden and all his friends were rowdies, and Mr. Binney in his mild way became a rowdy too.
  • The Silent One nodded carelessly, but with a quick, measuring glance that Rowdy liked.
  • Apart from the brief storm which Rowdy had brought with him, there had been no snow worth considering.
  • When he was at Oxford he had been well known for concealing under a slightly rowdy exterior the highest spirits of any of the undergraduates.
  • Pete was also not mentally prepared to dismount at the moment, but he did so as Rowdy crashed down in a cloud of dust.
  • His past life drifted out of his mind like the rowdy tales he used to read in the Sunday newspapers.
  • Jessie was still in ignorance of his real attitude toward her brother, and Rowdy wanted nothing more than to keep her so.
  • It was after dinner when he and Rowdy went humming down to the stables, gossiping like a couple of old women over a back fence.
  • But their little comedy is abruptly ended by the great French stage manager every time he thinks that such rowdy acting is no longer suitable.
  • The women, too, talked of the rowdy character of the town "across the tracks," and the unsafety of the roads for women.
  • The pup saw in Rowdy a new playfellow, and charged from the door-step just as that good steed was mentally preparing to come to a stop.

Definition of Rowdy

Loud and disorderly; riotous; boisterous. | A boisterous person; a brawler.
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