Rowed In A Sentence

How To Use Rowed In A Sentence?

  • They lowered boats and rowed to the strange island.
  • From rowing in a banca, to be rowed in it!
  • They rowed out to this vessel, and hailed her.
  • The men rowed straight for this black entrance.
  • He rowed slowly towards the middle of the pond.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rowed | Rowed Sentence

  • So he rowed after it and got it.
  • We rowed down this same backwater.
  • She rowed towards it.
  • We only laughed at him and rowed on.
  • And so they rowed across.
  • Peer bent to his oars and rowed on.
  • The boat was rowed up to the shore.
  • Then they rowed with all their might and main.
  • One of the soldiers rowed the boat.
  • He rowed on for a space in silence.
  • I rowed myself over in our second boat.
  • For a week they rowed out only at night.
  • They were rowed with coxswains until 1847.
  • For two days more they sailed or rowed on.
  • Tardif rowed us out in his boat under the cliffs.
  • Then he rowed a long way up stream.
  • I was quite calm as we rowed home.
  • For two hours they rowed in this direction.
  • Shoving it into the water he rowed hastily for the launch.
  • Faulkner got up from his seat and rowed him tremendous.
  • They stopped for an interval and rowed for another.
  • He was unarmed, as were those who rowed him over.
  • Headland rowed slowly over the calm water.
  • I have rowed along them several times.
  • It soon appeared again, and we once more rowed up to it.
  • The two boats rowed towards the schooner.
  • This was the first race rowed in keelless boats.
  • For perhaps five minutes he rowed on in silence.
  • Every day some men rowed out to sea and fished.
  • The two went into the boat and they rowed away.
  • They had noticed no boat whatever as they rowed to land.
  • This was the first race rowed in outrigged eights.
  • This is the only dead heat ever rowed in this race.
  • We rowed over to the east shore and went down the lake.
  • We rowed among them and fired right and left.

Definition of Rowed

Formed into a row, or rows; having a specified number of rows. | simple past tense and past participle of row
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