Rowing In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rowing | Rowing Sentence

  • Bandrist was not rowing he noticed.
  • Where they were rowing to most of them did not know.
  • Then he began rowing again.
  • After all, what are we rowing about?
  • I continued rowing up the bay.
  • In a few minutes the rowing was resumed.
  • I stopped rowing and looked.
  • Their attitude in rowing is singular.
  • Antony stopped rowing and looked about him.
  • Then, for rowing a boat!
  • And a rowing jargon obscured his speech.
  • It is something like rowing a boat.
  • At first the scouts considered the rowing a picnic.
  • They were past the walls now and rowing less stealthily.
  • He had quickly turned his boat and was rowing back.
  • Oh, are not these boys rowing slowly!
  • Freluchon was seated in it, rowing with all his strength.
  • From rowing in a banca, to be rowed in it!
  • But here he comes, rowing after us.
  • Later, we are rowing back home with the tide.
  • He began rowing toward the weed-covered flat.
  • A rod or two out a fisherman was rowing in a small boat.
  • He had slowed up, himself, in his rowing now.
  • I saw the boat rowing towards it about half-past four.
  • Eve turned the canoe down the lake, rowing eastward.
  • But the boat kept on, rowing nearer and nearer.
  • They were rowing slowly against the tide, toward us.
  • The captain, rowing up, heard sounds that surprised him.
  • The Frenchmen were rowing back to the shore.
  • At last Peer was alone, rowing back to his saeter.
  • The Extinction of Small Rowing Clubs.
  • The Captain of the London Rowing Club.
  • The Captain of the Kingston Rowing Club.
  • The Captain of the Thames Rowing Club.
  • Diet of itself does not train a man for rowing or any other kind of athletics.

How To Use Rowing In A Sentence?

  • After rowing for a minute or two they stopped and again listened.
  • The Captain of the Dublin University Rowing Club.
  • She's been rowing and rowing at dad all day.
  • With a little vigorous rowing they were soon across the lake.
  • John asked her one day as they were rowing homeward up the lake.

Definition of Rowing

present participle of row | The action of the verb to row. | The action of propelling a boat with oars.

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