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How To Use Royalty In A Sentence?

  • Every arm lifted up for royalty from the beginning was the arm of a man so principled.
  • Under the government of July, the part of defender of both liberty and royalty was easy.
  • They were going to travel everywhere, and travel in such luxury as even Royalty might envy.
  • The interests of his own royalty and of the Dutch were nearer to Louis than those of the Empire.
  • How matters go, in this our day, When monarchy renews her sway, And royalty begins her play.
  • In September 1792 the National Convention abolished royalty and declared France a republic.
  • My acquaintance with royalty is limited to photographs of royal groups, which exhibit a high degree of domesticity.
  • The priestly prohibition penetrated to the palaces, and royalty found authority set at defiance in this matter.
  • Even royalty itself honored him by private interviews, often listening to his readings in the domestic circle of the palace.
  • His funeral was one of great military and civic magnificence, and royalty itself could not have been honoured with more splendid obsequies.
  • He hobnobbed with royalty throughout the European continent and was highly regarded for his profound learning.
  • The prestige which such a theory of royalty was calculated to give to the Egyptian kings may easily be imagined.
  • After the fall of his master, in 1436, his office was taken from him, but he continued to battle for the cause of royalty until his death.
  • The class which is the back-bone of England left it serenely alone to royalty and the aristocratic parasites of royalty.
  • One would think it requires not a great deal of argument to prove that the most serious endeavors to restore royalty will be made by Royalists.
  • The sentiment of the Virginians in favor of royalty was strong and abiding; with the restoration of monarchy they had achieved the main point.
  • But royalty in passing, as with the most humble of us, leaves nothing behind save the memory of a tip, generous or otherwise.
  • Salvini sees nothing great in Macbeth beyond the royalty of muscle, and that courage which comes of strong and copious circulation.
  • She treated me as I believe royalty should be treated, leaving it to me to open the talk, or to originate a topic.
  • Jamestown was the gay city of the South; but the halcyon days promised on the restoration of Virginia to royalty were never realized.
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  • This series of praises in relation to his royalty evidently increased the bad humor of the Count, as well as the astonishment of Taddeo.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Royalty | Royalty Sentence

  • But royalty was not a fiction under his successor.
  • You must be mad to think of royalty in such a way.
  • There is only one royalty that may live in Rome.
  • At the Royalty Theatre.
  • And so the Royalty of France is actually fled?
  • When Royalty Had Worst of It.
  • There ought to be occasions when no royalty is taken at all.
  • And there was all manner of royalty of all minstrelsy that might be found.
  • But now the eyes of royalty were upon me, and there was recognition in them.
  • You know the state sells things like that on a royalty basis.
  • If you don't derive profits, no royalty is due.
  • The moment it ceases to spin, the royalty is a dead bit of box.
  • If an infernal machine removed him, royalty would have a good opportunity.
  • Players for Royalty and great arbitrators for labouring men.
  • I am sure that present Royalty would neither be boycotted nor burked.
  • Only Royal gates and the gates of officials who represent Royalty are high.
  • What a deep foundation did he lay for royalty under Louis XIV.!
  • I've been fishing with royalty and chatting with the nobility.

Definition of Royalty

The rank, status, power or authority of a monarch. | People of royal rank, plus their families, treated as a group. | A royal right or prerogative, such as the exploitation of a natural resource; the granting of such a right; payment received for such a right.
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