Rude In A Sentence

Definition of Rude

Bad-mannered. | Somewhat obscene, pornographic, offensive. | Tough, robust.

How To Use Rude In A Sentence?

  • This camp was but a rude shed made of poles and covered with leaves and branches.
  • A certain rude benevolence of public intention is equally characteristic of the liquor trade.
  • Petronella had a vision of this vivid young giant gloating over his two books on a rude shelf.
  • To build my new empire, I will choose a rude race, all masculine, with brutish strength.
  • Both carried nicknames, corrupted from Jones and Fowles, with the rude wit of the streets.
  • I never heard a rude word nor was molested in the slightest degree during my walk round the porticos.
  • Bing was bowing her out of his shop, but he was so angry about something that he was quite rude even to me afterwards.
  • There was a sort of rude grand stand opposite the platform, and she had a seat well up toward the top.
  • He wished to widen his knowledge and to see the great world that lay beyond the rude haunts of the red men.
  • In the old days they seemed to feel that they were lacking somewhat in delicacy if they exposed their mansions to the rude gaze of the public.
  • He prepared for him all manner of curious and high-seasoned dishes; for hitherto the food of mankind had been rude and plain.
  • Our pioneer had provided a luxurious bed of boughs within, and had fashioned rude seats in front of our tents.
  • The spirits which spoke most readily through her were those of men, even coarse and rude characters, which came unsummoned.
  • Brant meanwhile exerted himself in performing numerous acts of kindness, and did what he could to check the rude violence of his savage band.
  • It seemed to him that those few bronzed faces, those half a dozen rude lanterns, had become magnified and multiplied a hundredfold.
  • In the power of saying rude truth, sometimes in the lion's mouth, no men surpass them.
  • Their cries, and their rude blasts on the buffalo horn, which is a usual part of their equipment, are most obnoxious.
  • She cried with rage, and called him rude names, until he froze the words on her lips, and she was dead.
  • The girls bridled with pleasure at the rude compliments, pretending not to hear them, feeling very desirable and womanly in their finery.
  • It proved to be a rude scrawl, telling them they were being pursued by a hundred men, and that another hundred had been sent to head them off.
  • There came a crowd with him of such clumsy plunderers, asking such rude questions, that even the sirkar could not shut its ears and eyes!
  • These may be uncouth in form, but the rude hands that fashioned them learned their lesson at the feet of Nature.
  • In the rude tribes of the Tengger, hereditary faith reflects the uncompromising features of local environment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rude | Rude Sentence

  • That was a rude period.
  • The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.
  • A glimpse of the rude old tools.
  • The great war has been a rude awakening for all concerned.
  • Then it grew fretful, disturbed by the rude clamour.
  • You saw a small, rude boy lie sprawling in the sand.
  • Marciana Marina; la descente sera rude et longue.
  • It makes rude work with the Board of Admiralty.
  • A hand so coarse, So rude as mine, how can you kiss!
  • The young men have a rude health which runs into peccant humors.
  • Beside the table was a rude bench made from a section of sawed pine.
  • It is often very artistic in a rude way, in form and decoration.
  • It was a rude structure of logs, and mud had been used to close up the chinks.
  • The manner of life of the Saints was rude and barbarous in the extreme.
  • Still in rude armor drest, Comest to daunt me!
  • THE WITCH Master, forgive this rude salute!
  • The Celtic Priests or Druids knew a good deal of rude astronomy.
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