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How To Use Rudiment In A Sentence?

  • Seeds of hermaphrodite flowers quadrangular, crowned by one long awn, and the rudiment of another.
  • The membrane which was shut up in the gills of the aquatic creature, was really the rudiment of its now perfected wings.
  • The merest rudiment of sensation or self-consciousness is infinitely removed from absolutely non-sentient or unconscious matter.
  • They contained then the rudiment of an idea of grace, which took its natural growth and development in spite of man.
  • There is more than balance here: there is the rudiment of an instinctive composition which Degas never had.
  • It happened, for my sins, that none of these admirable birds had anything beyond the merest rudiment of a tail.
  • The stomach, which is irregularly conical in shape, lies in a place slightly nearer the observer than the end of the lung rudiment mentioned above.
  • Here we have the germ or rudiment of a Custom, a conception posterior to that of Themistes or judgments.
  • How is it, then, that in some cases the result is a sanctity which overrides all considerations of personal advantage, while in others there is hardly a rudiment of such a feeling?
  • It has four toes and a rudiment of a fifth in front, and three toes behind; and has teeth slightly resembling those of the horse, but more simple and shorter in the crown.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rudiment | Rudiment Sentence

  • It is the rudiment of the Niobe group.
  • In the English translation the word rudiment is used.
  • He wagged his rudiment of a tail, and whimpered in his sleep.
  • The inner fore-toe wanting, but a slight rudiment of it exists in my specimen.

Definition of Rudiment

(transitive) To ground; to settle in first principles. | A fundamental principle or skill, especially in a field of learning (often in the plural). | Something in an undeveloped form (often in the plural).
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