Rueful In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rueful | Rueful Sentence

  • Carroll nodded in rueful acquiescence.
  • His grin was rueful but friendly.
  • He returned with a rueful countenance.
  • Geoffrey responded with a rueful face.
  • And he turned to me with a rueful smile.
  • Lois broke into a rueful smile.
  • Ropes threw me a rueful look.
  • Bob picked them up and looked at them with a rueful face.
  • Their rescuer regarded them with a rueful grin.
  • A rueful smile broke through the gloom of both.
  • Chant elsewhere thy rueful ditty!
  • His rueful face made me laugh.
  • Dalfin looked at me with a rueful face when he heard that.
  • And he touched his pockets with a rueful face.
  • He looked so rueful that she laughed out loud.
  • But she felt a little rueful behind her pleasant smiling.
  • Priscilla uttered a faint, rueful laugh.
  • Enoch rose at once, with a rueful little laugh.
  • The captain departed, looking rueful enough.
  • Tog took her seat again, rueful resignation on her face.
  • He looked at John with a rueful grin.
  • Master Sparrow shook his head, with a rueful countenance.
  • The rueful mating, by G. B. Stern.
  • Nan laughed out and then looked up at him in her rueful apology.
  • Raven's eyes met hers with a rueful terror.
  • Then they came to a rueful row of bricks and staring windows.
  • And yet our hero was in truth far from secure against rueful reflexion.
  • It gave way to more uniform but not less rueful and despondent perceptions.
  • His own head was swathed in a wet towel that almost hid his rueful grin.
  • Jamie intruded his head; his rueful face caused an outburst on my part.
  • Rogers gave the boys his usual rueful smile, and they went on their way.
  • I had to laugh at Jimmie's rueful face.
  • Clarence laughed at Hubert's rueful face.
  • His return to the party was more rueful than Owen's.
  • Slay, nor pity the brute, our nostril's rueful aversion.
  • It was more than I expected after your rueful looks to-night.
  • Count Banti made rueful eyes rearward as though contemplating a search.

How To Use Rueful In A Sentence?

  • A consciousness of the absurdity of his part gave his face a humorously rueful cast.
  • I called out to them, and explained my woful circumstances with rueful conciseness.
  • Isabel laughed a little to herself, in a rueful fashion, as she hurried along the road.

Definition of Rueful

Causing, feeling, or expressing regret or sorrow, especially in a wry or humorous way. | Inspiring pity or compassion. | Bad; woeful; deplorable.
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