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How To Use Ruffling In A Sentence?

  • From this meaning it has come to have the figurative meaning of wounding or ruffling the feelings.
  • Here he was, a provincial man of business, ruffling it with the best of them! ...
  • This to Bill, who was now faintly fanning a wing and ruffling up his yellow crest.
  • Never ruffling squire of old Better loved a tavern bout When Prince Hal was in his prime.
  • Perhaps the infant hurricane was still ruffling the surface of her mind, or even disturbing its depths.
  • A southwestern breeze is ruffling the river, and drives the little wavelets in the same direction as the current.
  • But when he finds the coast is clear, and his late ruffling known to none but you, he will be drunk with joy.
  • I, a stranger, felt the position almost too hateful for endurance, simply because it was ruffling to my vanity.
  • He drew one of her small thin hands down to his lips, then moved it up and placed it on his head, and drew it gently to and fro, ruffling his hair.
  • And there on top of him rode the Duke, his small brown hat in place, his gay shirt ruffling in the wind.
  • One morning early, a breeze is ruffling the surface of the lake, and winding, white-foamed currents are eating their way out among black shallows.
  • The sun still shone, but an east wind was ruffling the waters of the lake, and Faith began to feel chilly.
  • Jerry Todd was, to use his wife's own characterization, so soft you could stick a cat's tail into him without ruffling the fur.
  • From the depths of an inverted sewing-machine top Mrs. Kaufman fished out another bit of the pink, ruffling it with deft needle.
  • Once she left on deck a book full of audacious sketches and notes about the passengers, and the wind ruffling the leaves of it dispersed scraps of paper in every direction.
  • In the valley there had not perhaps been a breath of air, but up here a little ruffling breeze had its home, and was ready to fan you gently and hospitably directly you arrived.
  • The wind was lightly ruffling and puffing out the muslin curtains of the windows, and from the garden below came the long, silvery clash of eucalyptus leaves.
  • His usual aspect was serene and quiet, and although at times a ruffling wave of uncontrollable impatience or indignation might pass over him, it did not disturb him long.
  • We persevered in our intention of going into her probable retreat, and were cautiously looking for some sign of life in the haymow, when we heard a soft cackle and a ruffling of plumage.
  • I have a friend who works a machine in a ruffling factory; she makes a hundred and fifty yards of hemmed and tucked ruffling a day, for which she receives twenty-five cents.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ruffling | Ruffling Sentence

  • She was always ruffling up like an indignant hen about me.
  • He was touching in his desire to express his interest without ruffling her.
  • Already the wind was freshening, ruffling up the whitecaps in all directions.
  • Another quarter of an hour passed without a breath of wind ruffling the water.
  • Elizabeth unhated me, ruffling my newly-made hair in the process.
  • And then unto the plains of Thessaly Went ruffling up the edges of the sea.

Definition of Ruffling

present participle of ruffle | The action of the verb ruffle
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