Ruining In A Sentence

Definition of Ruining

present participle of ruin | The act or process by which something is ruined.

How To Use Ruining In A Sentence?

  • But both are ruining the most glorious political structure that the world ever saw.
  • I think someone ought to tell the editors that they are simply ruining the club.
  • If she had taken another course she might have been the means of ruining these young men.
  • They have made a business of ruining homes, reputations, and the lives of others.
  • As if each shape had been but a snow-image, it began to fall to pieces, ruining in the warm wind.
  • We are always cool at the clubs: the constant habit of ruining one another, teaches us temper.
  • Jim, it's none of my business, but you are ruining your health and breaking your wife's heart.
  • The first happened, as usual, unexpectedly, and came nearly ruining our cattle-trade venture.
  • Had Hilary too, in ruining much else of himself, ruined his critical faculties?
  • My uncle, I hear, is ruining himself with buying the things your brother admires.
  • It was accused of ruining Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by promoting this rush to the North.
  • Furious at finding that this opinion was ruining all the designs of his ambition, he delivered himself up to despair.
  • She does as she pleases, and is ruining her complexion by running and galloping out of doors the whole time.
  • Finland he had gained, but at the price of adhesion to a commercial system which was gradually ruining his people.
  • Rabbits injure trees in the same way, often during the winter ruining an entire orchard in this manner.
  • Was that butt-headed subaltern to be the means of ruining his prospects right here and now when he stood so sorely in need of aid?
  • I will take away that terrible disease that is ruining your body and soul, and give you my righteousness in its stead.
  • And we do not punish a swindler for ruining a thousand families, because we think swindling is a wholesome excitement to trade.
  • Living cheek by jowl with us, there are hundreds and thousands of persons who are ruining their minds by a kind of literary debauch.
  • You are ruining your health amid the stench of brimstone, and not so much as the liberty of voting as you think fit is allowed you.
  • Only the greatest effort at self-control kept him from ruining everything by premature action; his exultation was getting the better of him.
  • The truth was that only in the nick of time had he, by a happy miracle of ingenuity, invented a way of ruining the photograph.
  • These last seemed to see a chance of ruining him when the conspiracy of Catiline was discovered and crushed.
  • The answer to his demand for subsidies was a respectful refusal to furnish funds, on the plea that his expansion policy was ruining his lands.
  • If Aristophanes never succeeded in ruining a party, at least he succeeded in discrediting some pestilent opinions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ruining | Ruining Sentence

  • What bosh is this about ruining himself to save thee?
  • The dry rot of hypocrisy is ruining you.
  • She was betraying, ruining herself.
  • I believe it is quite worth ruining my complexion over.
  • How could she tell you the truth without ruining me?
  • How could he ever release him without ruining himself?
  • The single good act of my soul was not ruining that girl.
  • You're ruining your whole day's test!
  • And she said that I would be ruining my life and hers.
  • Even while I cursed you for ruining my life, I loved you.
  • We were in danger of ruining all by a needless precipitancy.
  • It would be throwing away his influence and ruining his prospects.
  • Already this new form of robbery is half ruining us all here.
  • But he's ruining a lot of the old landocrats and naturally they don't like it.
  • It is reported from Thessaly that the Turks are ruining the country.
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