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  • The spirit of the ruins lives in her.
  • It is not mixed up with ruins as Isfahan is.
  • Castle of Doon, ruins of, 91.
  • God builds his temple in the heart on the ruins of churches and religions.
  • A more detailed and careful search of the ruins might reveal something.
  • Now only a heap of grass-grown ruins marks the site of this great foundation.
  • Bashan anciently had many cities, and numerous ruins yet remain.
  • It is a small chapel, built about 1858 over the ruins of some older structure.
  • The only ruins I saw were those of an old castle on the hill back of the city.
  • Of these fine specimens of later Norman architecture, ruins still exist.
  • But the careful search of the Rue Lafayette ruins proved one thing.
  • In Melrose I visited the ruins of the Abbey, and then went on to Wigan.
  • It ruins the authenticity -- I feel.
  • Poor Pat's devotion to his beloved ruins was the cause of his undoing.

How To Use Ruins In A Sentence?

  • He had expected to bolster up the ruins of his honor by her delighted acquiescence.
  • Anyway why were tamarisks the only trees to be found growing in the ruins of Babylon?
  • The guard on the island was not going to let me see the ruins because I held no ticket.
  • At one place in the ruins I saw a well-executed picture of a chained dog in mosaic work.
  • But the deserted city has been identified in the ruins called by the Egyptians, Antinoe.
  • It is the largest of its kind, and is one of the best preserved and most interesting ruins in the world.
  • In the floor of marble or stone there are two wooden trapdoors, which are raised to show the ruins below.
  • The chief ruins are in a low part of the valley by the side of the present town, and are surrounded by gardens.
  • But these shocks and ruins are less destructive to us, than the stealthy power of other laws which act on us daily.
  • And amid these ruins police and soldiers were working frantically to get out the injured and remove the dead, of whom there was a sad number.
  • These dismal ruins are shapeless heaps of mud, the square towers of the square walls alone retaining any semblance of form.
  • They came to the head of the street they sought, and, looking down it, beheld ruins greater than they had seen before.
  • But she had been born near where the ruins of Casa Grande now are and claimed that vahahkkee for her own.
  • Rapidly he passed through the ruins toward the forest beyond, where he knew he would find Jack or some trace of him.
  • There were some of the native girls out by the ruins who tried to sell me some of their needle work, but I was not disposed to buy.
  • When the smoke had dissipated, a heap of ruins stood in the place of Numa's dwelling.
  • This kind of thing ruins the feet, so I beg you will not allow him to wear them again till they are made larger.
  • To the last he remained persuaded that the horned face, which had peered at him through the ruins of Donoughmor, was that of the devil himself.
  • The ruins rise gray, white, and undressed with ivy, that they may contrast the more vividly with the deep emerald of the meadows around.
  • But before this is done it will be necessary to rebuild the Armoury, which fell into ruins last December.
  • A few blackened ruins where, an hour or so before, a peaceful village stood; men and women running about like lunatics stricken with a mortal fear.
  • Where the Cockaynes carried their guide-books and opera-glasses, and fell into raptures at every footstep, there are dismal ruins now.
  • On a certain promontory overhanging the aforementioned town of Empthor was erected a fort, the ruins of whose walls may yet be traced.
  • Farther on there was irrigation and cultivation, and then the wretched village of Pai Tak, and the ruins of a bridge.
  • Under the ruins thy horse in his stall had been buried; the rubbish Lay on the spot and the glimmering beams; of the horse we saw nothing.
  • He withdrew, leaving Roseen still sobbing amid the fragments of a broken milk-pan, and perhaps the ruins of a castle in the air.

Definition of Ruins

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ruin | plural of ruin
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