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  • She has just that tranquil superiority which becomes the ruler of a large estate.
  • Then the great ruler led the horses and the chariot to their old track across the sky.
  • His Highness is an enlightened ruler and a man of great simplicity of character.
  • The all-powerful ruler of an Empire learned of this proposed mesalliance and was horrified.
  • Although he was the ruler of the state, Kosciuszko lived in the utmost simplicity.
  • In state his glory well befitting, The ruler of the realm was seen.
  • The King of Spain was also the ruler of other kingdoms outside of the peninsula.
  • On the contrary, I see and acknowledge God in all his works and in all his providence, as the author and supreme ruler of all things.
  • About this time it is evident that the secretary carried himself with some haughtiness as a ruler of the navy, and that this was resented by some.
  • In what other time, to what other ruler have questions of such importance been presented, and under circumstances so difficult?
  • He comes up here to be made into a man and a ruler of the people, and he thinks it shows a nice disposition not to take on the job!
  • Even the most terrible home ruler is satisfied with the lower berth, and gives her husband a chance to look down upon her.
  • He is now steadily stepping forth into the world as ruler of himself, the creator of his own government, the heir and sovereign of the world.
  • Did the Chinese conceive this ruler as identical with heaven, or as a personality dwelling in it or above it?
  • But he had never forgotten that one of the first duties of any ruler is to be, in some sense, a priest unto his people.
  • An incident that occurred but two years since is typical of the intelligence of the ruler of Kelat and his court.
  • The people cried for rain, and the great ruler of earth and air heard their cries, and looked down from his dwelling place.
  • Hating, yet fearing him, they came; not one but felt in his heart that the old man was undisputed ruler of their destinies.
  • But why must sin be ordered and determined by the supreme Ruler of the world, or else be left to chance?
  • However, if the ruler could somehow get his followers to accept the story of his divine authority as historical fact, then he need prove nothing.
  • I was no longer an American, but the son of this sheik, destined to be the ruler of all the tribes that dwell in black tents of hair-cloth.
  • The Arab moves as if he were the ruler of the country, though the grip of the Osmanli may be closing on him.
  • And Salim, the future governor of so mighty a kingdom, and undisputed ruler over so many peoples, how had he sunk!
  • The sufferance, which is the badge of the Jew, has made him, in these days, the ruler of the rulers of the earth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ruler | Ruler Sentence

  • Vainly the future ruler awaited an answer.
  • You will be the ruler of your tribe for many days.
  • The explosive demand caught the ruler by surprise.
  • She looked every inch the ruler of men.
  • Now, who would call such a ruler a good prince?
  • Next was it that the ruler dear who dwells in LeidraSec.
  • Hail Mirza, ruler of Bagdad!
  • He at once recognized the new ruler as the son of his worst enemy.
  • The ruler is a public servant of the collective nation, and that is all.
  • That was to be their wait for an audience with the great ruler of Sedara.
  • But he was the Ruler of the universe, and as such his law stood in the way.
  • The Chamber set about the work of selecting a new ruler for France.
  • The Kaiser and the future ruler of Austria-Hungary had become great friends.
  • No ruler has dared to take up his residence here since Louis XVI.
  • Died Nov. 1, 1700, the last Spanish ruler of the house of Austria.
  • Aberdeen was a more ardent Home Ruler than even her brother, Lord Tweedmouth.

Definition of Ruler

(transitive) To beat with a ruler (as a traditional school punishment). | A (usually rigid), flat, rectangular measuring or drawing device with graduations in units of measurement; a straightedge with markings. | A person who rules or governs; someone or something that exercises dominion or controlling power over others.
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