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How To Use Rulers In A Sentence?

  • He explained to her that the statues were the likeness of the rulers during that time.
  • The prosperity of a people depends more on their rulers than is commonly imagined.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rulers | Rulers Sentence

  • O rulers of the earth!
  • We are both rulers of our wills.
  • The rulers of empires.
  • They are the present rulers of this country.
  • O ye rulers of the earth!
  • Impetuous rulers have the shortest reigns.
  • They can appoint such rulers as will do their pleasure.
  • Hence they became the rulers of the people.
  • And so many rulers have been youthful.
  • The rulers must be philosophers.
  • The rulers must not cease to be philosophers.
  • The illegal exactions of rulers were burdensome.
  • Here the rulers represent the people more immediately.
  • So stands the history of the rulers of the nation.
  • We cannot evict our rulers neck and crop.
  • These are the first six rulers named on the list.
  • Wise rulers saw me coming and made roads.
  • Inevitably the choice of rulers must fall on electors.
  • Our rulers must then see the necessity for action.
  • Sloth hath erewhile ruined rulers and gladsome cities.
  • But he reports only sixty-four rulers of that old kingdom.
  • Yes; it was wiser than the rulers of to-day are.
  • The English rulers have no feeling of vengeance.
  • Hear me, rulers of Egypt.
  • Home Rulers . . . .
  • From him came the kings, and princes, and rulers in Judah.
  • The rulers of Rome despised the Gospel and its heralds.
  • The original title of the rulers of Bosnia, 6 Banat.
  • Whose God will ye serve, O ye rulers of men?
  • But the rulers of these countries listened to wicked counsels.
  • Even the rulers of the land were not exempt from its baneful influence.
  • Many of them are rulers of great ability and remarkable energy.
  • The rulers in the church and state reaped only what they had sown.
  • Such a power very rarely falls to the rulers in any country.
  • They had numbered both bad and incapable rulers in their line.
  • As long as it exists are we rulers in this city and in all its dependencies.
  • A time of more remarkable contrasts in rulers cannot be found.
  • Julius was one of the most active and vigorous rulers the earth has known.

Definition of Rulers

plural of ruler
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