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  • Dunwoodie rumpled the towel.
  • She rumpled his hair.
  • Billy rumpled his hair with his hands.
  • The judge rumpled his mane and reflected.
  • They pulled his whiskers and rumpled his hair.
  • Dirt pies, rumpled clothes.
  • The rumpled head bent still lower.
  • His hair was rumpled and his necktie a trifle awry.
  • Look, a rumpled scarf. .
  • The hangings were soiled, the dresses rumpled and dusty.
  • Annie Pore handed him her rumpled ticket.
  • But Judy dug her rumpled head deeper into the pillow.
  • Smith's hand rumpled the fur on Jan's back.
  • He drew back a little and rumpled his thin hair with a bloodless hand.
  • His eyes blazed again, his rumpled gray hair seemed to bristle.
  • He wore a little blue gingham sailor suit, which was much rumpled and soiled.
  • His long, dirty, yellowish-brown hair was rumpled and fluffed up.

How To Use Rumpled In A Sentence?

  • Then the dawning of a worship for a very ugly man in a rumpled and ill-made coat.
  • He had the battered face of an old bulldog and the rumpled clothes of a young ruffian.
  • The breeze rose and rumpled those strands of her dark hair that had fallen below her wide hat.
  • Pulling off her cap, she rumpled her hair and rubbed a streak of dirt across her face.
  • The cabby exploded with indignation, continuing to give a lifelike imitation of a rumpled parrot.
  • The country looks like a rumpled fox-and-geese board, with pegs stuck all over it.
  • The couple seemed unhurt and, although somewhat rumpled as to attire, remarkably unconcerned.
  • And she turned her back and went, solicitously, toward Archie and his rumpled clothes.
  • The president of the Weymouth Bank took off his hat and rumpled his gray locks.
  • It was Gerald, all right, though he was that dirty and rumpled I hardly knew him.
  • John Wesley Pringle, limp, slack, and rumpled in his chair, yawned, stretching his arms wide.
  • The green shade was pulled so fiercely forward that a fringe of hair stood up in a crown where the elastic had rumpled it.
  • He disarranged the bed-clothes and rumpled the pillow; then walked softly to and fro in his slippers until morning.
  • Things were mussed and musty, rumpled and wrinkled and crinkled; but what colors and what a lot of bright tinsel!
  • She shook out the pale-flowered chiffon of her rumpled frock and gathered back a strand of her dark, disordered hair.
  • Nelson, wedged in a corner between the engine and the ice box, explained and was permitted to adjust his rumpled attire.
  • Looks like you'd 'a' rumpled up their hair a few if you hadn't been in such a hurry to make a get-away.
  • She stopped, smoothed her rumpled dress, and shook back the long loose curls which had fallen over her face.
  • She tossed the ball to the table beside her, and, clasping her hands above her rumpled hair, fell to dreaming.
  • Her cotton dress was rumpled and stained, and the belt with which she had hastily fastened it together, was kept in its place by a large pin.
  • The girl sank into a chair in a limp, rumpled sort of way; somehow the idea of surveillance affected her more than anything else.
  • Her eyes were wild and staring, her wrinkled yellow face was drawn with emotion and her short, white locks were rumpled in wild disorder.
  • At last Archie crawled giddily to his feet, his nose running with blood which spattered over his rumpled silk shirt.

Definition of Rumpled

wrinkled or crumpled | simple past tense and past participle of rumple
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