Run After In A Sentence

Definition of Run After

To follow quickly, often in an effort to catch or catch up with (someone or something). | To make a determined effort to win someone's affections or to have a sexual relationship with them. | To endeavour to find or obtain.

How To Use Run After In A Sentence?

  • I honestly believe, than in those things which are run after and third-editioned.
  • Nancy strove to run after them, but fell a second time, through weakness and distress of mind.
  • That will teach you to run after them without your talisman, which reveals the truth....
  • They, therefore, determined to run after the woman and bring her back to undo her own evil work.
  • He has got no legs and he can't run after me, and he has no hands and he can't catch me.
  • To call would be dangerous; to run after him excite comment, perhaps pursuit and discovery.
  • They run after me and rebuke me if I do not wear a certain coat when it rains daily.
  • I remained, knowing perfectly well that if I ran he was not the man to run after me.
  • If there is time, Overton, you may run after the other young officers and go with them.
  • I thought I would run after him and tell him about the new professions that I have invented.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Run After | Run After Sentence

  • She had to run after him.
  • I cannot run after you on my knees.
  • Why run after knowledge?
  • Why run after success?
  • She did not try to run after the train.
  • Roger started on a run after the others.
  • Draw me, we will run after thee.
  • He is lame, and cannot run after you.
  • She dared not run after to spy upon his departure.
  • Let a man run, and everybody will run after him.
  • Run after run, run after run was added to the score.
  • Ruth turned, almost tempted to run after the stranger.
  • Shall I run after them and tell them?
  • Le Breton did not run after the girl.
  • I, missing you, have run after the false gods.
  • What folly it is to run after power, a name, fortune!
  • Let a half-dozen men run after that girl and fetch her back.
  • It excites them to run after it; and shouts and laughter are irrepressible.
  • He was greatly inclined to run after her, but he didn't.
  • The cook is very fat, and cannot run after that goat much.
  • I need not run after the subjects of my present study; they call on me.
  • Dolly, can't you jump down and run after that boy?
  • The one thing that is certain is that she has run after her Adolphe.
  • Bela would only have run after another woman if I had turned my back on him.
  • And if the wenches run after me, it's not my fault, that's flat.
  • Ellis would make no answer, and he was forced to run after Selina.
  • There's no use for anyone to run after us; but we may roll anyone's way.
  • But you mustn't think I want to run after gentlemen, sir.
  • Den I run after dem, und da vos go py a cellar full of vater.
  • Small fidgetted, looked at Peter, and then run after Saltmarsh.

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