Run Up In A Sentence

Definition of Run Up

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see run,‎ up. | To run (towards someone or something); to hasten to a destination. | (with to) To approach (an event or point in time).

How To Use Run Up In A Sentence?

  • Branches can then be run up through the floor to places where outlets are desired.
  • Then their father would take them to the platform for a little run up and down.
  • Salmon do not run up these rivers until they have attained their sixth year of growth.
  • I was bound to make myself out to be just a common robber who had run up against him by accident.
  • It has such a very chilling effect upon exuberant foreigners when they run up against it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Run Up | Run Up Sentence

  • Do you run up there?
  • Maybe we can run up there when we come back.
  • But it would be run up again in the morning.
  • You run up stocks and produce a crysis.
  • It might have been run up for its present purpose.
  • Cold shivers began to run up and down their spines.
  • Ministerial majority run up at a jump to 225.
  • The spy proceeded to run up his mast.
  • I shall have to run up there to-morrow.
  • I may run up to the city at the same time.
  • The ladders were run up in time for the father and mother.
  • A little red ball was run up an improvised pole.
  • Tell one of the blackboys to run up the horses, will you?
  • When it is time, run up and kiss me, and fear not.
  • They used to run up my legs, and eat crumbs from my lap.
  • Had I better run up to the house?
  • They've run up agin somethink, that lot 'ave.
  • They used also to run up my knees when I went to see him.
  • The flag of Italy was run up on the tower of the Semaphore.
  • Pray, don't ring; I'll run up to them.
  • On going away, Billy and I took a run up the canyon.
  • Julia Farrant and Lucy have run up to town, I think.
  • Look at the people you run up against in the course of a few hours.
  • I'll run up before supper and get her.
  • You can run up to the store an' get some.
  • It is essential that you should run up to see your publisher, is it not?
  • The muscles of the peduncle run up to the bases of the four valves.
  • He fought down the impulse to run up to his room and start packing.
  • If she knew she might run up a little way from this further end.
  • When the train had nearly passed him he started to run up the bank.
  • The boy allowed his hand to run up and down his other wet sleeve.
  • Without a word, she turned and began to run up the hillside again.
  • Lucy heard the messenger speed across the floor and run up the stairs.
  • If we don't run up and down stairs, where can we run?
  • You are fond of climbing; suppose you run up and throw me down a few.

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