Runners In A Sentence

Definition of Runners

(Canada, Australia, Ireland) running shoes, sneakers, trainers

How To Use Runners In A Sentence?

  • Hotel runners were there to shout to all the world the superior merits of their establishments.
  • I will state that they said several times that they were blockade runners by occupation.
  • Instances are not uncommon where runners have traveled one hundred miles in twenty-four hours.
  • Faster and faster the little boat traveled, its runners throwing up a powdery dust.
  • In some places the hind wheels are taken off, and sledge runners are fitted to the hind axletree.
  • There are no Marathon runners here; progress is a tedious toil, often on all fours.
  • That night runners were sent on the trail of Gustav to tell him to come back; they were ready.
  • On Hunt Cup Day there was a tremendous crowd, and thirty runners were saddled for the big race.
  • The rising of a full and resplendent moon was a promise that the runners should not be entirely in the dark.
  • Matthewson insisted that the phrase included breaking the runners from the frozen grip of the snow.
  • Instantly they were all in motion again, for they heard the noise of many runners crashing through the thicket.
  • Macgregor had already left his toboggan at a sporting-goods store to be equipped with runners for use on ice.
  • The crowd had been standing for a long time when from the palace came a carriage preceded by runners and postillions on horseback.
  • At the corner of this box were clips or runners which fitted on to the guides in the shaft and so prevented any motion of swinging or swaying.
  • The crackling turned into a snapping, the sled pivoting and the runners slipping and grating several inches to the side.
  • The heavy runners began to whine over the powdered ice, and they went swiftly onward toward the middle of the lake.
  • A whole string of horses figured in the betting, and there were thirty-one runners in the field, or would be if all started.
  • They affirm that these messages were forwarded, with extraordinary celerity, by runners who rested not, night or day.
  • He dropped to one knee and began to empty the clip, shooting slowly and deliberately, picking off the runners who were in the lead.
  • A mass of men, mounted and on foot, funneled the runners down to where the line of rope lay straight to mark the finish.
  • This is moulded on the runners with the hands in a thick, broad, semicircular shape, and freezes as hard as glass.
  • Tom, eager to add his mite to the slaughter, hit a beautiful drive toward left field and the runners started around.
  • He heard the husky breathing of the hundred runners at his back when he swept around the granite dome of Enchanted and came in view of the valley.
  • So the runners were despatched, and the rest of the party set out in a northwesterly direction towards their distant villages on the American Fork.
  • Half an hour before the great race there was a scene of unparalleled excitement, for there had been much wagering for some weeks and several of the runners were heavily backed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Runners | Runners Sentence

  • The runners were men of some little mark.
  • One of the engine runners had been taken prisoner.
  • The sail filled again and the runners stirred.
  • All of them were stocky runners and inured to hardship.
  • For a space the boat rushed on, runners roaring.
  • Scarcely had the runners gone a hundred yards before they stopped in dismay.
  • The jack plane was needed to keep the komatik runners smooth.
  • The toboggan with its steel runners drew a curious group at the station.
  • It was a fine race so far, all the runners being well together.
  • The load quivered, and from under the runners arose a crisp crackling.
  • Before Penny could make a move, the runners leaped from the surface.
  • We seen one or two little blockade runners like ourselves, but no Yankees.
  • I think Harrison and Alexander are blockade runners by profession.
  • Orton's runners were "tailed out" for more than half a mile behind him.
  • There is likely to be a big field, thirty runners or thereabouts," said Ivor.

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