Runt In A Sentence

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  • Sakta smög jag runt huset.
  • Vince Cavendish was the runt of the family.
  • What do I want with a runt of a horse like that?
  • Att det fnissade och tissade runt ikring honom, det gjorde mindre.
  • A runt was like a sow-tail Sae bow't that night.

How To Use Runt In A Sentence?

  • I told that boy to be careful of the hole in the bag, that the runt might fall through it, and so he did.
  • The bag had had a merciful hole, and he, being the runt of the family, had fallen through before the proposed drowning came off.
  • It is one of the wonders of medicine to see a sickly runt of a child at fifteen or sixteen develop in a few months into a very presentable young man or girl under the influence of salvarsan and mercury.
  • Tank was a black-eyed little runt whom none of the boys liked, a grasping cuss, younger than Jim, and as selfish as Jim is kind.

Definition of Runt

The smallest animal of a litter. | (by extension) The smallest child in the family. | Undersized or stunted plant, animal or person.

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