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  • The rural districts alone produce 8,000 parcels.
  • Make thou the rural plain Tranquil and bright.
  • The great problem in Porto Rico will be rural education.
  • The sly shade of a Rural Dean . . .
  • The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs, for 1861.
  • The whole rural population of Prussia turned out to intercept it.
  • Sub-postmasters in the rural districts of Bristol attain to great ages.
  • An elegant sufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books.

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  • The simplest form of switchboard is that for serving small communities in rural districts.
  • It was not the suburban neighborhood he had expected to find, but a distinctly rural one.
  • He also assumes the responsibility of leading the entire rural community upward and onward.
  • New collections established in 73, and a later collection in 30, rural districts.
  • For rural districts, particularly those tributary to small towns, these conditions do not exist.
  • I knew a burly Boniface who for many years kept a public-house in one of our rural capitals.
  • Many months had elapsed since Wolfert had frequented his old resort, the rural inn.
  • At the Bristol town and rural sub-Post Offices there are 554 assistants of all kinds employed.
  • This work is a collection of miscellaneous sketches on the Romance of Agriculture and Rural Life.
  • In what particulars does the party-line system in rural districts differ from that within urban limits?
  • In the rural districts the failure to understand the necessity of complying with the compulsory education law is even more marked.
  • In this rural place no help was to be had, and he was little inclined to plunge at random into the foul stream.
  • There is still in the rural service a postman who labours under the disabilities of having only one arm and of being unable to read or write.
  • The modern slang of great towns is of course quite a different thing from the ancient dialect of a rural population.
  • We should not see towns peopled at the expense of rural districts, nor rural districts at the expense of towns.
  • The large rural area is for the greater part agricultural in character, but there are collieries and stone quarries in some few districts.
  • In rural communities the people often do much of their visiting by telephone, and conversations of half an hour in length are not unusual.
  • As there were posts established for the regulation of the armies, so there were offices for the superintending of rural works....
  • I was very much impressed at this fair with the extensive and unsuspected amount of Romany existent in our rural population.
  • So it is that many portions of the rural East have to be resettled and started afresh in the process of agricultural redemption.
  • Beautiful the streams which leave the rural vales, Fringed with scarlet berries and leafy green!
  • Ministers, doctors, rural mail carriers, gas, electric and telephone companies are using them more and more.
  • Dionysus was the patron of the drama, which itself was an artistic development of the old rural songs and dances of his Athenian festival.
  • She did, and then addressing an envelope, the two girls walked up to the mail box at the pike and waited the passing of the rural mail carrier.
  • He looked up with his kind blue eyes at Dolly as she crossed the bridge, and stood watching the rural scene.
  • In others, a solitary mound, with adjacent burial mounds, gives us the idea of a rural village or town.
  • Then the editors in town have recourse to the American newspapers for amusing murders, while their rural brethren invent great gooseberries.
  • Hereabouts we find meadows and rural lanes; and a few miles up the stream, the Cheshire hills begin to show plainly.
  • The country, indeed, is very thickly populated; very much more so than a rural district in England of the same extent.
  • It is in the neighbourhood of these rural establishments that the hurt done by manufacturing to the pristine beauty of the country becomes conspicuous.
  • Telegrams are delivered from the head office, two branch offices, fifteen town sub-offices, forty rural sub-offices, and four railway stations.
  • The style is remarkable for clearness and strength, and for its picturesque use of images drawn from the rural and pastoral life which the prophet had led in his youth.

Definition of Rural

Relating to the countryside or to agriculture. | (obsolete) A person from the countryside; a rustic.
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