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  • Where was he rushing to?
  • The men were all rushing to quarters.
  • There is no need of rushing to destruction.
  • Colour came rushing to her cheeks.
  • It seemed to be rushing to meet them.
  • I could see that he was rushing to his doom.
  • On the left three more dogs are rushing to the attack.
  • On the right and left, more dogs are rushing to attack.
  • He whistled shrilly and Brawn came rushing to his side.
  • The tears came rushing to their eyes, as they saw Farvie.
  • Perhaps it was the liquor rushing to his head when he stooped.
  • There flowed where the island had stood a circular wave rushing to a focus.
  • No, that's the wine rushing to my head.
  • She started up when she saw him, the colour rushing to her face.
  • He would see railroad trains on the earth rushing to and fro.
  • Rushing to the door he ran across the yard to meet the boys in blue.
  • In a flash the quarrel was forgotten, and the pirates were rushing to quarters.
  • Instantly a chorus of shrieks arose, steps rushing to and fro, and then quiet.
  • Sine, rushing to answer the call, found that the ship was indeed heating up.
  • He was on the point of rushing to Lee's assistance.
  • Other feelings, though, were in me too, all over me, rushing to and fro.
  • They needed no second bidding, but, rushing to the guns, began to load.
  • Then rushing to the door he screamed, "Ho!
  • Rushing to the shelf, Garry snatched the package and tore open the top.
  • At that, Modesty alarmed sent the blood at once rushing to her pale cheek.
  • Roger, rushing to the point: She hasn't a pfenning.
  • Rushing to the door leading to the house, Wallace called to Bessie.
  • DINAH (rushing to him and putting her cheek against his coat).

How To Use Rushing To In A Sentence?

  • Then they roused themselves with the thought that their people were rushing to their assistance.
  • I could not prevent the tears from rushing to my eyes and stealing down my cheeks.
  • Supposing the shot had been heard, and the household was rushing to the scene of the disaster?
  • Rather let us turn and scold our nature for irreflectively rushing to the cream and honey!
  • It is like the rushing to and fro of motor-buses which save minutes with great loss of life.
  • Roseen, rushing to the scene of action, found indeed a prodigious uproar going on.
  • Lila and I were rushing to get ready for the last skating carnival of the season.
  • I was forced to go out of the room; my anger was over, and I felt the tears rushing to my eyes.
  • Scores of Royal Guardsmen swept past him, rushing to the support of the coach of gold.
  • Something significant in Gay's voice and face sent the blood rushing to Lavinia's cheeks.
  • When Lucile laughed I felt the blood rushing to my face; but I determined to restrain myself.
  • A phrase which spoke of a soul bruised out of life and rushing to annihilation would have been more precise.
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