Russ In A Sentence

How To Use Russ In A Sentence?

  • Russ had continued to make the pictures and the first act of the new drama was a success.
  • Russ, up in the bow of the yacht, where he could get a good view, was making the pictures.
  • This time there was no delay, and the clicking of the camera was heard as Russ turned the handle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Russ | Russ Sentence

  • Russ promised to show her more of that later.
  • Russ was in deep thought for a moment.
  • Russ went with her, anxious to do what he could.
  • Russ makes good wages at the moving picture place.
  • So Russ took the girls.
  • To her surprise Russ laughed.
  • But it seemed that Russ was not to be so easily found.
  • Russ Dalwood came out of the developing room.
  • We are merely going to warn Russ.
  • That meeting with Russ had done much.
  • Russ Dalwood was busy at one of the cameras.
  • One evening Russ came over to the apartment of the girls.
  • So Russ was assured of a goodly income for some time.
  • We ought to warn Russ as soon as possible.
  • This is Russ Dalwood.
  • The camera clicked on, Russ turning the handle steadily.
  • The dome of a great palace all of ice, Russ-built.
  • With Russ and Finman fight to hold.
  • Russ.
  • Russ called to him.
  • Russ asked.
  • Russ advised her.
  • Russ assured her.
  • Russ looked as though he would have said the same thing had he dared.
  • Is(is), Dutch Yss(el), Russ.
  • Russ lost a little of his apprehensive air as the meal progressed.
  • So Russ told me.
  • Russ was becoming an expert operator, and meanwhile was working on his patent.
  • Oh, Russ!
  • Russ continued to make pictures, for the beast was not yet in focus.
  • I, too, am a Russ.
  • He looked up to see the outline of the bearded Russ in the window.
  • Presently footsteps were heard, and proved to be those of Russ himself.
  • As she was going out to the drug store she met Russ in the hallway.
  • They can make drawings themselves," spoke Russ.
  • As for the invention of Russ, he soon perfected it, and put it out on royalty.
  • The play was soon ready for filming, and Russ was chosen to work the camera.
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