Russian In A Sentence

How To Use Russian In A Sentence?

  • The Russian warriors of olden times.
  • There was also an odour of Russian tobacco.
  • This was the answer given to the Russian intrigue.
  • She was obviously delighted with the Russian prince.
  • The Russian fairly grinned at this simplicity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Russian | Russian Sentence

  • Tschaikowsky and Russian spirit.
  • Behind Russian lines.
  • And she knows Russian too.
  • Shooting the Russian war.
  • Saltykov and the Russian squire.
  • My Russian is getting on.
  • Serve with Russian dressing.
  • Breakfast with Russian tongue.
  • I am a Russian subject!
  • There are Russian traders there.
  • It is exclusively a Russian doctrine.
  • The Russian general refused.
  • Some of the Russian tea is very fine.
  • I am advancing against the Russian army.
  • With the Russian it is quite otherwise.
  • Consternation reigned in the Russian camp.
  • The Russian levelled his gun.
  • He told her about the Russian novels.
  • You insult the Russian people.
  • He did not resemble the Russian type.
  • The Russian scowled fiercely.
  • I knew there was something Russian about it.
  • The Russian baron raised him up.
  • The Russian nickname for the bear.
  • The Russian smiled incredulously.
  • The Russian shrugged his shoulders.
  • The Russian seemed satisfied.
  • Damn Russian there, too.
  • Is it the weather or the Russian advance?
  • A Russian came up to cut him down.
  • The Russian swelled with pride at this compliment.
  • Here is a good augury for the Russian conquest.
  • The Russian lady made them a supper.
  • I have great confidence in the Russian people.
  • The Russian looked dull and nervous.

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