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  • Kosciuszko himself fired the cannon with an accuracy of aim under which the Russians wavered.
  • He was working against time with the Russians forming up against his scanty numbers.
  • The Russians have a greater value for social order and obedience, and less for honesty.
  • Soon afterwards the Russians followed to other houses in the same part of the Armenian quarter.
  • An attempted attack by the Russians on the railway station at Miloslaw was frustrated.
  • Before sunrise the Russians were moving to the attack, and Kosciuszko was on his horse.
  • The Russians were sent away to another part of Anatolia, and their houses given over to British.
  • The Russians included 112 men, of whom 65, or 58 per cent, had wives in Russia.
  • Among the rest of foreign parentage, Armenians, Russians and Italians are numerous.
  • Dante and Columbus were Italians, in their time: they would be Russians or Americans to-day.
  • The Russians attempted to defend the passage of rivers and swamps that impeded the march of the foe.
  • The Russians blew up their fortifications on the south side of the harbor, and retreated across the bay.
  • With the Russians on all sides of them the gunners, standing at the cannons, had worked till the end.
  • A party of Russians had always had charge of the latrines, voluntarily, in return for some small compensation.
  • He, furthermore, suggested that such Russians as did not care to trust their lives to such a promise should be taken out with the troops.
  • This shows how the pride of rank pervades the mind of the Russians in every form of life, and in every class of the population.
  • The Russians are remarkable for their cheerfulness and contentment, and are so fond of singing, that they are always enjoying a song when at work.
  • Some difficulties were experienced in keeping the British submarine sailors away from the Russians when the boats were in harbour.
  • The advance was slow, a wonderful retreat, perhaps the most heroic known until almost equaled by the Russians later on.
  • The Russians expect the war will be over before next autumn, but Kitchener does not plan to end it then.
  • This image-kissing propensity of the Russians was the cause of a tragical event during the plague at Moscow in 1771.
  • Amnesty to all political prisoners on both sides: full liberty to all Russians who have fought with the Allies.
  • He thought the Russians would at once prick up their ears, and be prepared to hear what the Allies had to say.
  • The Russians followed the same system they afterward employed against the French, retiring and laving waste the country.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Russians | Russians Sentence

  • Serbs and Russians were attacked and ill-treated.
  • And in that place the Russians made great music.
  • The Russians have erected a lofty stone tower here.
  • Only 3,000 Russians have rallied around this force.
  • The Russians retreated with the Prussians.
  • The Russians backed Servia.
  • We Russians are very fond of Egypt in the winter.
  • Will the Russians ever take India?
  • They aren't Russians and they aren't Martians.
  • The Russians would fain lop off eastern Galicia.
  • The Russians under Kutusoff fell back to Smolensko.
  • To play at being the little Russians superseded all other games.
  • The singing of the Russians was the best thing there was in that church.
  • Any number of Frenchmen and Russians were already in the same place.
  • The hatred of the Russians grew much more decided under Nicholas.
  • The Russians are at work upon six of 23,000 tons, with 12-inch guns.
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