Rustling In A Sentence

How To Use Rustling In A Sentence?

  • He had scarcely made up his mind to this plan when the rustling in the bushes was repeated again.
  • Then a breaking of bush and rustling of leaves gave warning of a fresh approach.
  • But for the rustling of leaves and a distant murmur from the plantation, the night was very still.
  • Stepping along the rustling wood road, you can hear the reveries of the leaves around you.
  • The rustling and whispering in the outer circle died away, so that every word was distinct.
  • The wind with gently-wafting pinion Gave forth a rustling strange and whist.
  • The grove of elms and willows was stripped of its leaves, which whirled in rustling eddies about the fields.
  • She was still dwelling on these satisfactory deductions when there was a sudden rustling among the dead leaves and a noise of footsteps.
  • Except the occasional pattering of a squirrel, or a rustling in the chimisal bushes, there were no signs of life.
  • Dolly went to the window and leant out over the wooden bar, looking down into the rustling glooming lilac garden below.
  • The silence is so profound that you hear a dead leaf rustling on the snow, or the needle of the fir dropping to the ground.
  • There was a rustling in the hay in the loft, then cautious steps, and a figure appeared at the top of the stairs.
  • Early in the morning he heard a rustling on the grass, and when he opened his eyes he saw the great basket close beside him.
  • He was working like a dog, and the dollars were rustling in, but the sound of their rustling gave him no great joy.
  • Next to the wheat stood the corn in file after file, the leaves rustling and the tasseled heads held bravely aloft.
  • A moment later light, rapid footsteps were heard in the entrance hall, and the rustling of a silk skirt.
  • When he joins the family circle, wife and children have to be busy and silent, the only noise allowed being the rustling of the newspaper he reads.
  • The manageress came rustling out of her office and beamed on Deane, who had once stayed there for several weeks.
  • There was a sharp rustling of bush, and breaking of twigs close by, and the sound of heavy, plodding hoofs.
  • I always pictured him to myself as I had seen him clad in his senatorial robes, rustling with pomp and pride.
  • My door flew open, there was a rustling as of silken gowns, but the figures seemed to float in in the changing forms of swaying white mists.
  • You are making rather free with another man's personal property, when you use my uncle's cattle for your rustling scenes.
  • In short, they are expected to denounce all pleasant paths and rustling trees, to curse the grass and flowers, and glorify the dust and weeds.
  • It was a thin November day: leaves were whirling on the lawn, and at that moment one blew rustling down the window-pane.
  • The Indians, knowing this habit, when they meet an ant-eater, make a rustling noise among the leaves.
  • He crawled along cautiously, therefore, inch by inch; stepping with the utmost care among the dry leaves, lest their rustling should betray him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rustling | Rustling Sentence

  • The whispering and rustling and so on.
  • A continued rustling aroused him.
  • She was holding her rustling skirts and almost running.
  • He warily trod on the dry rustling leaves.
  • Shortly afterwards, a peculiar rustling noise is heard.
  • The door opened, with the rustling of a silk dress.
  • The clanking chains, the rustling straw, to hear.
  • There was a faint rustling and a sound as of some one crying.
  • The noise of rustling programs and shuffling feet succeeds it.
  • The garden was dark, and rustling with a trembling in the branches.
  • The rustling of leaves made the dog's eyes open.
  • There was a rustling in the bushes, an angry exclamation as well as a groan.
  • Ox-teams, laden with a rustling load of Indian corn, in the stalk and ear.

Definition of Rustling

present participle of rustle | A series of rustles.
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