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  • I believe that the Saar coalfields have been valued at from $75,000,000 to $100,000,000.
  • It is necessary to mix Westphalian coal with Saar coal to obtain a good furnace coke.
  • The other result of the Saar toss was, from the viewpoint of world jurisprudence, far more important.
  • Once the Saar Commission had its say, no nation ever dared refuse to put a dispute to the hazard of the coin.
  • Germany has lost a greater part of its mineral wealth, the coal of the Saar, the potash of Alsace, the ores of Luxembourg.
  • With the loss of the fields of Upper Silesia and the Saar, the coal supplies of Germany are diminished by not far short of one-third.
  • The uncertainty, too, as to the ultimate fate of the Saar will be disturbing to the calculations of capitalists who contemplate the establishment of new industries in France.
  • The Saar had remained a European sore point despite a series of Franco-German "settlements" which never seemed to settle anything.
  • If the disposition of the Saar basin, for example, proved to be so unwise or unjust as to cause danger of violence, the League would take cognizance of the peril and provide a remedy.
  • In due course, the Saar Commission would then give its solemn judgment as to whether or not the dispute should be put to the arbitrament of the Golden Judge.
  • Oh, how sorry I was for not learning my lessons, for seeking birds' eggs, or going sliding on the Saar!
  • Prussia's economic preponderance has been greatly reduced by the loss of Lorraine, the Saar, and Silesia.
  • The Report states that the iron and steel works in Lorraine, and to a lesser extent in the Saar Valley, are dependent on supplies of coal and coke from Westphalia.
  • The time I spent in Germany after the publication of the peace was made painful, not by the Danzig or Saar questions, but by the menace of penal proceedings against individual Germans.
  • The Germans, it should be added, have pointed out that the same economic argument which adds the Saar fields to France allots Upper Silesia to Germany.
  • Thus the Saar Commission pronounced untossable the proposal by the Soviet Union to have the Golden Judge decide whether or not America should abandon all her overseas bases.
  • They would need some one to tell them the amount of coal produced in the Saar Basin, the location of mines in Teschen, the ethnic character of eastern Galicia, the difference between Slovaks and Ruthenians.
  • With the money which they secured from the spoils of the Arab tribe, Ducardanoy, the ventriloquist, and Bouchardy, the prestidigitateur, purchased a fine vineyard at Nouvelle Saar-Louis.
  • Their protests touched chiefly upon the economic clauses and reparations, the solution of the Saar problem, the cession of so much German territory to Poland, and the exclusion of Germany from the League of Nations.
  • Already before the war this monopoly had been recognised by all parties as not in the public interest; but "nationalisation" in the sense of State exploitation was prejudiced by the poor results given by the State-owned properties of the Saar fields.
  • The arrangement as to the Saar should hold good, except that, on the one hand, Germany should receive no credit for the mines, and, on the other, should receive back both the mines and the territory without payment and unconditionally after ten years.
  • As for the eastern frontier of France, it was agreed that the right of property in the coal mines of the Saar district should be given outright to France, as partial but immediate compensation for the damage done at Lens and elsewhere.
  • These gentry were rounded up after the Easter day disaster, but the oasis still needed a guard, because in the desert an area where drinkable water can be found is more valuable than Alsace Lorraine and the Saar Valley put together.
  • While Lorraine comprised 75 per cent of Germany's iron-ore, only 25 per cent of the blast furnaces lay within Lorraine and the Saar basin together, a large proportion of the ore being carried into Germany proper.
  • Debonair and genial, excessively practical, he was the "troubleman" of the Conference: when difficulties arose over the Saar, or Fiume, or reparations, Tardieu was called in to work with a special committee and find a compromise.
  • The Saar basin, on the left bank of the Rhine, which has played so important a part in the international troubles following the end of the World War, has 164 seams, with 77 of them workable, giving a thickness of 240 feet of coal.
  • The skilled exploitation of the great coalfields of the Ruhr, Upper Silesia, and the Saar, alone made possible the development of the steel, chemical, and electrical industries which established her as the first industrial nation of continental Europe.
  • The acquisition of German Lorraine and the Saar valley by France may be explained by the policy of making France industrially independent of Germany and of preventing any future economic hegemony of Germany in Europe.
  • Without firing a shot, he evacuated a strong woody country which he occupied, and retired to a strong defensive position, extending from Haute Sirk on the right, to the Nivelles on the left, and communicating in the rear with Luxembourg, Thionville, and Saar-Louis.

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  • The Saar toss had two odd results.
  • Saar.
  • Gradually the Saar Commission evolved certain criteria: 1.
  • Technically, this "Saar Commission" should have then dissolved itself.
  • He took it to The Hague in Holland for the toss about the Saar.
  • Saar, _flensies van avond!
  • The Saar district has been German for more than 1,000 years.
  • Saar Basin
  • Weg von der Saar-
  • Om du var fuld av pletter og blodige saar i dit sind, jeg kan bare elske dig
  • And, illogically, it was forever afterwards still called the "Saar Commission."
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