Sackful In A Sentence

Definition of Sackful

(obsolete) Intent on plunder. | The amount a sack will contain. | (figuratively) A large number or amount (of something).

How To Use Sackful In A Sentence?

  • She obeyed, but the man who owed her the gold deceived her by giving her a sackful of earth.
  • He had no doubt that the men would murder for a far less sum than the value of that sackful of precious stones.
  • Her grandsons keep her supplied with the bulbs, which they dig by the sackful from the neighboring hill-slopes and mesas.
  • It is, therefore, customary to mix the material a sackful at a time in order to reduce the risks of an explosion.
  • Then he made a mill where all the corn should be ground into flour and every man who brought a sackful must pay so many handfuls of flour to the miller for his trouble.

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