Sacramento In A Sentence

How To Use Sacramento In A Sentence?

  • Bennett was to go with his team to Sacramento and wait there until he heard from us.
  • Though this attempt at home to gain coherence failed, the partisans at Sacramento had better luck.
  • On the same day and hour the western pony started from Sacramento in California.
  • Larger quarters had already been secured in a building on the south side of Sacramento Street.
  • Either the latter or the one previously mentioned is that which forms the main Sacramento River.
  • One Langdon had the only express office, and brought letters and packages from Sacramento.
  • Prior to leaving Sacramento other reporters got in, insisting upon interviewing Patti.
  • Diary of the expedition of reconnaissance made to the rivers Sacramento and San Joaquin.
  • It was also one of the earliest routes used between Sacramento and the mines of the High Sierras.
  • We left Sacramento at 2 P.M., and evening was coming on as we got into the mountains.
  • From Redding to Chico Creek the boundary is about 10 miles east of the Sacramento.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sacramento | Sacramento Sentence

  • Ultimately we reached Sacramento.
  • At Sacramento he organized a shipment of eggs.
  • He might have got back to Sacramento the next morning.
  • Sacramento, California, 254.
  • Our folks were let alone on the Sacramento, after that.
  • Buildings were damaged at Vallejo, Sacramento, and Suisun.
  • Sacramento!
  • Sacramento, Chinese M. O., 4.
  • Sacramento, Chinese M. O., 4.50.
  • X Sacramento Valley, Keane, App.
  • Sedgwick got on board his wagons and trappings from Sacramento.
  • The opening to the starboard was the main channel of the Sacramento.
  • Both sloughs in fact lead back again to the main channel of the Sacramento.
  • They journeyed up to the present Sacramento either by river-boats or afoot.
  • Returning, they got off at Sacramento and waited over one day.
  • This he did successfully, reaching Sacramento only ninety minutes late.
  • Napa Valley, Santa Clara Valley, Sacramento Valley?
  • He followed the "route agreed upon" and stopped at the mouth of the Sacramento.
  • Rio del Norte," the Sacramento.
  • I remember, one winter evening, trying to enter the mouth of the Sacramento.
  • A full company of horse patrolled Sacramento Street day and night.
  • Santo Sacramento!"...
  • Hoc autem laudavit Rainaudus filius Willelmi & sacramento confirmavit.
  • There's gold there, so they're sayin', like there was on the Sacramento in '49.
  • He sold it for large sums in Sacramento and in San Francisco.
  • Ann'y Off's, 6. Sacramento, Chinese M. O., 5.50.
  • The Sacramento Delta region was the strangest the Beechams had ever seen.
  • She got, also, a Wells Fargo order from Sacramento for twenty thousand.
  • This is found upon the hills of San Francisco and in the Sacramento Valley.

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