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  • But fell a victim at her sacred shrine.
  • Let the mysteries of the craft rest sacred for me.
  • History, a sacred subject, 108.
  • A spot that is sacred to thought and Cod.
  • Here are magnificent Structures, both sacred and profane.
  • Ways Sacred and Secular XVI.
  • He looked at her as though she were some precious and sacred thing.
  • I know no duty more sacred than the education and training of a child.
  • No, it was a power stronger and more sacred than any such carnal admiration.
  • It seemed indelicate, unfeeling, a desecration of sacred things.
  • Friendship is a sacred thing, and I will write as your friend.
  • Didst thou not do all this thyself, My sacred glowing heart?
  • A "mandate" from the Country was sacred to his system of pretences.
  • Or how the sacred pine-tree adds To her old leaves new myriads?
  • Doth the glow Of holy rage unbridled thus possess The sacred priestess?
  • The Chinese treat the flower of the sacred bean in the same way (Fig. 118).
  • The sudden introduction of this sacred subject made Ida's head reel.

How To Use Sacred In A Sentence?

  • No vow has been sacred enough to restrain you; no tie strong enough to hold you.
  • He carried it with him as a devoted Romanist wears a sacred scapulary next to the heart.
  • For the appointment of such sacred rites Doth to the priestess, not the king, belong.
  • All wisdom was included in the Sacred Scriptures, if properly understood and explained.
  • Dost thou not know us, and this sacred grove, And this blest light, which shines not on the dead?
  • Thus Thoas holds me here, a noble man Bound with a heavy though a sacred chain.
  • Ere long I will return, and then receive The seal of safety from thy sacred hand.
  • It has two magnificent Squares, and Edifices both sacred and profane, which discover its Riches.
  • Darkness and gloom are constantly associated with him; the cypress tree was sacred to him and black victims were sacrificed to him.
  • He is a Gentleman of Good-nature, an Enemy to Subterfuges, and is sacred to his Promises.
  • Brant appeared at court and had audience with the king, for whose person he felt a sacred reverence.
  • And she felt bitterly that the best in her soul, the sacred places of her life had been invaded and destroyed.
  • This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.
  • Those who have felt it, will with caution obtrude themselves on her sacred privacy, and will know when to be mute in the presence of the mourner.
  • With your Favour, I will conclude this Letter with the bare Mention of this Sacred Ceremony.
  • The monarch and his consort were handing sacred books to the Indians, who were clustered about in an expectant attitude.
  • There wanted only the victim on the coals, and the sacred knife, to cut off the succulent parts, and distribute them around.
  • On the same principle, I suppose, we must prepare ourselves for a display of the worst art-falsity in the sacred edifice.
  • And e'en thy sacred presence, heavenly maid, But driveth them aside and scares them not.
  • Masks and arabesques, fruit and flowers, fabulous monsters and sacred emblems, encrust the grey balustrades and bas-reliefs of the noble stairways.
  • He would have resented a burglary, I do believe, with less of fury than any trespass upon that sacred ground.
  • The process of "speeding up" in every department, due to the iron necessities of war, was violating the most sacred traditions of trade-unionism.
  • The surroundings of all the sacred places are so inharmonious that, while he can never regret his pilgrimage, he can scarcely regret that it is over.

Definition of Sacred

Characterized by solemn religious ceremony or religious use, especially, in a positive sense; consecrated; made holy. | Religious; relating to religion, or to the services of religion; not secular | Spiritual; concerned with metaphysics.
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