Sacrilege in a sentence

Definition of Sacrilege

Desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something regarded as sacred.

How to use Sacrilege in a Sentence?

  • It touched him to tenderness and to an actual sense of sacrilege at the freedom of his gaze.
  • Two priests offered to perform the deed of sacrilege from which the original assassin recoiled.
  • A well-bred trail dog will not commit the canine sacrilege of invading the sled.
  • To destroy it was an even worse sacrilege to him than it was to the Merlinolators.
  • The forgiveness for sacrilege and perjury was sold for 9 ducats, adultery and witchcraft cost two.
  • Titus Livius relates that Henry commanded his army to halt until the sacrilege was expiated.
  • What a sacrilege to make use of the name of Jesus Christ in order to invent such absurd fables!
  • Such sacrilege within these holy woods, Where seems to dwell the perfect peace of God.
  • Horror at the sacrilege must have struggled with regret that he had not himself thought of fumbling in the straw.
  • Thus it came about that in attempting to show off we had committed sacrilege of a most aggravated nature.
  • The doctrines handed down through centuries appeared to him so sacred that in his eyes it was sacrilege to open them again.
  • While the fruit is ripening upon the bushes it is sacrilege for a stranger to approach within a distance of many yards.
  • Germany can never make reparation for all the ruin, all the destruction, all the sacrilege she has wrought.
  • This bag is an object of religious regard, and it is a species of sacrilege for any one but its owner to touch it.
  • The imagination of the town was kindled, and the sacrilege became the universal talk of a people growing more and more excited.
  • It was as if a brother of his own were lying low before him, with that meek and helpless expression it would have been a sacrilege to treat rudely.
  • It seemed almost a sacrilege to look at the young girl, whose heart was so plainly evident in her face.
  • The terrible word sacrilege designates an attempt on the person, the goods, and the rights of the clergy.
  • It seems sacrilege to arrive in autos and a hurry at a town with a name so deliciously lazy, to say nothing of its associations.
  • To have wasted a puff of that precious smoke in conversation would have been a sacrilege that I was determined not to commit.
  • John committed the heinous sacrilege of using the oil preserved in the Temple vessels for the starving soldiers.
  • Everything pertaining to Julia had a curious sacredness, and this room was a temple into which it was sacrilege to intrude.
  • And then, for a moment, her eyes turned to him again, and he knew that it would be a sacrilege to give voice to the things he wanted to say.
  • Could Silhouettes of Sacrilege cover a wider gamut of hatred and disgust than these silhouettes picture?
  • My own tears flowed in unison; but I drew back, feeling as if it were sacrilege to intrude on such a scene.
  • Later on the consul Messalla in the senate asked Pompey his opinion as to the sacrilege and the bill that had been published.

Short Example Sentence for Sacrilege

  • I felt a sacrilege was about to be committed.
  • It was a sacrilege that she should walk upon it!
  • It would be a sacrilege for a beginner to touch it.
  • It seemed like sacrilege to touch them.
  • It seemed almost a sacrilege to look now, but he did.
  • Proposing a sacrilege like that to Booth!
  • The sacrilege of doubt when the tale was Irish jarred.
  • He had recoiled in horror from the sacrilege which that house had suffered.
  • I was in that church an hour after this terrible sacrilege happened.
  • In this was the great blasphemous sacrilege of ancient idolatry.
  • Amid the sacrilege of war it is our belief that the old order passeth.
  • It seemed to him like sacrilege, and sacrilege in its basest form.
  • Un sacrilège, j'en conviens; mais un sacrilège lucratif...
  • Then there is that Silhouette of Sacrilege up on the Baupaume Road.