Saddened In A Sentence

Definition of Saddened

simple past tense and past participle of sadden

How To Use Saddened In A Sentence?

  • These experiences sobered and saddened me to a degree that was strangely new to me.
  • I was rather saddened than otherwise at seeing the noble animal stretched before me.
  • No matter who asked it; but there were circumstances which saddened and awed me.
  • He knew she meant what she said, and while it saddened him, it made him rejoice also.
  • Too inarticulate of their transient worth, Beyond the saddened utterance of a sigh.
  • The closing years of Peter were saddened by a great tragedy, as were those of David.
  • The loss of his first two children so saddened him as to concentrate his attention for a while on church music.
  • And certainly my book at least is naturally saddened to me, and the success of it wholesomely spoiled.
  • It is not that they are glib of tongue or facile of speech, but somehow the very pressure of their hand is grateful to the saddened heart.
  • Katina herself with saddened air had now drawn near again, in her dark eyes a fire that spoke of a desire for vengeance.
  • For five long months our world is plunged in a kind of penumbra; all nature is saddened in the general woe.
  • The saddened bird, forced to build its shelter at the behest of nature in the multiplication of the species repeats its anxious labors.
  • She wondered, without bitterness, and with a saddened distrust of her own power, if she could write an advertisement.
  • The thought saddened them for the time being, but it was difficult for Toby to subdue the excitement under which he was laboring.
  • The thought of it saddened me all the way home: and the talk of the real estate man as he went made me feel still worse.
  • She was saddened when she realised that Boy, and all those of his age, might not have any kind of future at all.
  • Those occasional strains of melody had a ghostlike sound to Irene's ear, and always saddened her.
  • Brook was saddened and alarmed, for this rate of mortality was the highest seen in Phoride for almost three hundred years.
  • The gloom and glory of the great church, its rich and sombre light, the cool yet heavy air, saddened his soul.
  • Not a word was spoken until the three saddened friends reached Don Mariano's parlors at the hotel.
  • Here Gideon took his pipe from his lips, knocked the ashes out upon the pommel of his saddle, and pursued his tale in a saddened voice.
  • As if beside himself, the enthusiast strode out of the house, the worthy Fabricius with saddened looks, watching his retreating form.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saddened | Saddened Sentence

  • This affected and saddened her.
  • Our past has been saddened by the same blow.
  • Yet he was saddened by melancholy thoughts.
  • You may suppose how saddened we all are.
  • A sudden presentiment saddened him.
  • Her father was depressed and saddened by it.
  • Bleak saw them pass with saddened eyes.
  • It saddened my heart to see such ignorance.
  • He rode home saddened indeed.
  • The reflection saddened Missy.
  • Still, it saddened me to be told he was a helpless Psyche.
  • And one cannot fail to see that they saddened and annoyed him.
  • He said he liked to be amused at the theater and not saddened or instructed.
  • We rode on in silence, each a little saddened by what we had seen.
  • The story we had heard had saddened us all, and we were sorry for our horses.
  • Adiva greeted her with joy, but became saddened as she told her story.
  • Then, saddened by the beer they had drunk, they grew sentimental.
  • She must be saddened since then, poor thing, by her father's death.

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