Saddle Up In A Sentence

Definition of Saddle Up

(intransitive) To set and cinch a saddle on a horse in preparation for riding. | (transitive) To set and cinch a saddle in preparation for riding.

How To Use Saddle Up In A Sentence?

  • After a couple of hours you probably saddle up Brownie and go out to find the tenderfoot.
  • Then, just as night was drawing, he would saddle up and hunt the obnoxious Mr. Masterson.
  • Let your horses rest till twelve and then we'll saddle up and get to the water tank by two.
  • I jammed the tree of the saddle up on the horse's withers, but the bit held in his jaws.
  • Just as the dusk shut down and, with a very heavy heart, I was beginning to saddle up my horse, we heard wild shouts from the river.
  • They left the whole of their guns, wagons and Cape carts, and fled on their horses, some not even waiting to saddle up first.
  • She watched Lee Milligan carry the saddle up and throw it down upon the ground, with skirts curled under and stirrups sprawling.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saddle Up | Saddle Up Sentence

  • Sergeant, saddle up right off.
  • I'll saddle up and take a look back over the Bear Creek trail.

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