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  • Banfi looked sadly at his wife.
  • This malady is sadly common.
  • He turned sadly to the maid.
  • How sadly beautiful he looked!
  • She spoke sadly and reflectively.
  • His own account of the battle is sadly imperfect.
  • I do want protection sadly indeed!
  • The men were sadly disappointed at this arrangement.
  • Ross shook his head and turned sadly away.
  • The poor young man were sadly crushed.
  • Again the maiden looked down sadly upon the earth.
  • Her voice drooped sadly to a hopeless note.
  • But, sadly enough, only at the very last.
  • I bear witness, though sadly she mistook her way.
  • I shut the door, and sadly mounted the stairs to my room.
  • Ted and Bill stared sadly at the mess around the City Hall.
  • But she went sadly on with some paper she was cutting into shapes.
  • It does not seem to concern her, as she sits there sadly and wearily.
  • The old lady thinks so rather sadly as she goes where the bells are calling.
  • At any rate, after one long sniff he turned and walked sadly away.
  • He turned sadly towards home, deeply vexed and chafed in his spirit.
  • The Prince went back to his chamber and sadly awaited his doom.
  • The old ivy covered manor was, indeed, dilapidated, and sadly out of repair.
  • Poor Tom was sadly changed since we last met, which was at a ball in Madrid.

How To Use Sadly In A Sentence?

  • She was utterly unconscious as she came sadly back to the house in the twilight.
  • There is nothing more sadly impressive than the aspect of winter in a mountainous region.
  • When she passed him the second time, she looked sadly into his face and then disappeared.
  • A strong cord was bound around his thin little body, and his wounded foot was sadly hurt.
  • Ida went up the white steps, marking them sadly with her wet feet, and gave a valiant rap.
  • I am not apt to be greatly cast down, but at this, time I felt sadly disheartened.
  • All this have we, in sadly happy years, For he was ours, bewailed with feeling tears.
  • Since it has ceased to be the capital of Persia, the trade of Ispahan has sadly deteriorated.
  • Nesta's was crumpled and bewildered; Eustace's very white, and his expression sadly strained.
  • But this faith only too often leads to an optimism which is sadly and fatally at variance with actual results.
  • His melodies are too often sadly sentimental, and any freshness with which he may have endowed them has long since faded.
  • In this manner he had already sadly mutilated several brave officers and students, who had had the bad luck to stand up against him.
  • The road-house of his choice, when they reached it, proved to have deteriorated sadly since his last visit.
  • Very much ashamed, the jackdaw went sadly home, meaning to join his old friends as if nothing had happened.
  • She carried a sadly battered photograph of him in her pocket, and would pull it out at intervals when anybody was looking, and kiss it rapturously.
  • He was busied in these fanciful imaginings, when suddenly over that extended prospect the faint, distant tolling of a bell rang sadly out and died.

Definition of Sadly

In a sad manner; sorrowfully. | Unfortunately, sad to say. | (dated) Very much (of a desire etc.); dearly; urgently.
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