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How To Use Safely In A Sentence?

  • Once safely in his own office, he shut the door with a sense of relief in the seclusion.
  • He had reached the advertisements, and a careful study of these would carry him safely to bed.
  • Bullets smacked about him, and puffs of stone-dust flew out, but he won safely across.
  • These questions, we think, we may safely submit to the impartial decision of every unbiassed mind.
  • Having gone safely through this ordeal, Aranka was quite at home with her new acquaintance.
  • In order to travel safely and quickly we need more than something in which to carry the people and products.
  • When he springs from the balloon the parachute quickly opens and lands him gently and safely on the ground.
  • If the interruption to the flow of the sentence is but slight, the writer may safely omit the commas.
  • Harry was in a place which he could not safely leave before night, so he waited impatiently for the coming darkness.
  • No sooner was the signal given than the canoes were set in motion, and were soon safely hauled up on shore.
  • It blotted the landscape from sight so fast that he was glad after an anxious five minutes to regain the ties and find himself safely with his men.
  • As we came behind the nearest game shop the driver undid the door, and the questionable corpse was safely landed.
  • He himself was severely wounded, but keeping control of his machine he managed to reach home safely by the power of the remaining two engines.
  • Its so-called facts are very largely fictions, or so largely interpolated with error, that they cannot be safely used for construction.
  • We got him safely to the landing at last, and tumbling him into the bottom of one of the boats, started down stream towards our shanty.
  • After a little play he was landed safely in the boat, and another, and another, followed at almost every throw.
  • We may safely suppose there was very little heart left in her famous laugh when Bamtz spoke first to her in some low cafe.
  • But in answer to our remonstrances he said, as well as he could in his broken Italian, that he would see us safely on board.
  • This I secreted in stack, rick, or disused farm building, until such time as it could be safely fetched.
  • The journey back was safely made and Leon, in spite of his bandaged head and wounded arm, was nearly smothered with kisses.
  • Wallie, who now thought of even "dear, sweet girls" in terms of dollars and cents, felt that he could safely promise.
  • Thus he played fast and loose with his conscience, and was really being carried with the tide while he fancied himself to be riding safely at anchor.
  • On the evening of the 18th we arrived safely and well at Brussels, and had a few hours time before the train started for Cologne.
  • In politics we require order as well as liberty, and have to consider the proportions in which under given circumstances they may be safely combined.
  • He said that the rainfall seeped through the bogs up on the mountains, and fed underground reservoirs that held the water safely until they were overtaxed.
  • But, though I grant that it appears so now, I deny that it is in any way so formed as to be safely depended on.
  • However, about three hours after we had left Armenos, we arrived safely at Xopoli, where we intended to spend the night.
  • The machine has to be landed while still moving forward at comparatively the rate of an express train, and this forward motion can only be checked after the wheels are safely on the ground.
  • It can safely be said that no other regiment in the Federal army ever saw more service in fighting guerrillas than did the Merrill Horse.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Safely | Safely Sentence

  • You can safely offer me a chair.
  • He got away with the boy safely after all.
  • I received your second letter safely through Breuning.
  • Isn't it for me to see you safely to the house?
  • He got safely up to twenty-five, and then ceased to breathe.
  • He arrived safely at the bottom, and a minute later was on the road.
  • They floated in over the land, coming to earth safely not far from Calais.
  • And the Jackal was drowned, but the Camel swam safely ashore.
  • I can safely say, that I never saw a finer Sight in my Life.
  • M----, whom we had promised to see safely to Cologne.

Definition of Safely

In a safe manner; without risk; using caution above all else. | In a secure manner; without the possibility of injury or harm resulting.
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