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  • Henry was so sagacious that he never forgot the superiority of sagacity over force.
  • I perfectly understood even then how much depended upon his sagacious self-dependence.
  • The elephant is not particularly sagacious in the wild state, but becomes so when tamed.
  • The sagacious animal had been trained to follow a peculiar whistle, and to jump at anything.
  • I thought that in that very sagacious question I had effectually caught my uncle.
  • We believed him to be keen in vision, wise in judgment, prompt and sagacious in action.
  • Dunstan, Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, was one of the most sagacious of these monks.
  • We can conceive of no more fitting and effective course than that which the sagacious doctor followed.
  • He has enlivened his editorial labours with irruptions of legal facetiousness and sagacious reflections.
  • This is a tradition among the people and, if it is true, it is characteristic of the most sagacious of men.
  • An incident one night occurred, from which a sagacious observer deduced the existence of an intrigue.
  • In this spirit he employed his life; and he accomplished his purpose with the constancy and determination of a sagacious and systematic mind.
  • Short work was made by the sagacious detectives, when they saw the graphic malefactors engaged in their diabolical toil.
  • According to all the canons of expediency, it was the sign of a sagacious ruler to temporize and promise and deceive in that sad perplexity.
  • At first he scarcely knew what to do, although his sagacious father and mother told him very plainly to break the engagement at once.
  • This latter was a remarkably large and beautiful animal, entirely black, and sagacious to an astonishing degree.
  • We like mighty well to reap the fruits of our address in the world; but we have a sagacious tendency to keeping our ways and means to ourselves.
  • The Kaiser, sagacious like every man when his livelihood is at stake, always had these dread eventualities in mind.
  • Sancho is too amusing and sagacious to be contemptible; the Don too noble and clear-sighted towards absolute truth, to be ridiculous.
  • The able gobernador of Marcapata had had the sagacious idea of making the local penitentiary out of his farm of Sausipata!
  • And some of the wiser Serbs were dubious in 1919 and 1920 as to whether the most sagacious methods were being employed in Croatia.
  • With considerable ability as a versifier, Lamb will not be remembered as a poet; his fame will rest on his essays and his sagacious criticisms.
  • I have reason to believe he was fully seconded, perhaps even prompted, by our sagacious representative, the Hon.
  • He was happily in a position to prove that the prisoner at the bar had no more stolen this two thousand pounds than their own upright and sagacious foreman.
  • Solomon was a steady, sagacious man, as every body knew, and would get on in the world; and what he gained he would not waste in foolish ways.
  • Being a noble and sagacious man, he reconciled himself to the will of his Creator; but his Queen still hoped against hope.
  • Besides, in those sad years agriculture was neglected in this region and it may be supposed that these sagacious birds sought for plenty as well as peace.
  • Arguing the point once with a sagacious man of the world, he urged as a reason for abstinence from animal food that one thereby distanced the animal.
  • The judge before whom the trial took place was, however, more sagacious and enlightened than his predecessors, Bromley and Altham.
  • It is a very sagacious and exquisitely smelling Creature, and much Cunning and Craft is required to hunt him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sagacious | Sagacious Sentence

  • The leading men had practised a sagacious caution.
  • His first proceeding was typical of his sagacious mind.
  • She seemed to suddenly grow old in her sagacious argument.
  • He pointed and growled, and the sagacious Molly understood.
  • Carver seems to have been a sagacious observer and a man of great foresight.
  • Well, who made him more persevering or more sagacious than others?
  • The more sagacious of their party, however, discountenanced the mad scheme.
  • Marshall Field was looked upon as a very sagacious business man.
  • Jean Francois, if vain and ostentatious, was sagacious and full of resource.
  • We recalled the words of the sagacious and prudent Mr. Denslow.

Definition of Sagacious

Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness; mentally shrewd.
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