Said That In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Said That | Said That Sentence

  • Martha said that she was.
  • And he has said that?
  • Who was it said that?
  • May when he said that.
  • I have said that to myself again and again.
  • He said that himself!
  • He said that he had not.
  • Gavrilo has said that he did not.
  • Said that you were coming.
  • Why had he said that?
  • Why should she not have said that?
  • Said that he had kept it.
  • Shakespeare himself said that?
  • Why had she said that?
  • Rollo said that it was.
  • I said that most of them were.
  • He said that that was all there was to do.
  • Maisie had said that.
  • Robin said that that was so.
  • They said that that was so.
  • We said that we were artists.
  • How often have we said that?
  • I only said that in fun.
  • Robert said that he loved her.
  • It is not said that these were his only motives.
  • Pat said that she was famished!
  • Karen said that she understood.
  • Antony said that he was sure of this.
  • What voice had said that?
  • You said that she liked it.
  • He said that we were mistaken.
  • But then he always said that.
  • He said that you were too stiff.
  • Anne jumped when they said that.
  • Whoever said that we would?

How To Use Said That In A Sentence?

  • Can it be said that they rode?
  • He never said that before.
  • How silly to have said that!
  • I never said that at all.
  • Ridgeley had said that they were silly.

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