Said Was In A Sentence

How To Use Said Was In A Sentence?

  • Celestine had said, was young and handsome.
  • He found that what the sailor had said was literally true.
  • All he wanted he said, was friendship.
  • Besides, what she said was quite true.
  • Moreover, every word she said was true.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Said Was | Said Was Sentence

  • What she said was this.
  • What they said was much the same.
  • And what he said was true.
  • What was said was done.
  • And what he said was true.
  • What he said was correct.
  • What she had said was correct.
  • What he said was true.
  • Perhaps what you said was true.
  • Everything he said was well said.
  • Fervently did she hope that what she said was true.
  • What he said was all the more effective on that account.
  • His fallibility they said was monumental.
  • Handsomely said, was it not?
  • The child she said was still with her.
  • Said was not a little horrified at this scheme.
  • So what he said was said kindly.
  • But not a word that they said was intelligible.
  • He did say that that which was said was what was said.
  • Whatever he said was instantly listened to.
  • She felt that what she said was true.
  • What was said was a foul lie.
  • What he said was unalterably true.
  • What he said was true enough.
  • Ah, then what he said was true.
  • For what he had said was to a large extent true.
  • Well they had some targets that they said was 100 yds.
  • What more she would have said was cut short.
  • He knew in a flash that what she said was true.
  • He saw that what the poacher said was true.
  • The other was the one the lawyer said was dead.
  • I think what she said was quite true.
  • What the man said was perfectly true.
  • The eighth article she said was equal.
  • Does not this confirm that what the serpent said was true?
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