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  • The instant she is past, up sail again.
  • We shall sail to-morrow evening then.
  • Set to work, and get up sail as soon as you can.
  • You could sail along its shores for thousands of miles.
  • Many islands are in the sea, and great ships sail upon it.
  • They were on their way to the steamer to sail for Paris.
  • The armament set sail early in February, 1759.
  • Suppose you were to sail from New York City to Iceland.
  • Then they set sail again, and continued on the same course as before.
  • So we go on board a great steamer and for days and days we sail over the sea.
  • Round went the great sail under the swift and strong pulls of willing hands.
  • Put her under easy sail and let her work to windward on two-hour legs.
  • The frigate came foaming along, the crew busy in taking sail off her.
  • On hearing this Magellan determined to sail along this channel.
  • And every sail he crowded on As the furious winds did blow.
  • Why shouldn't you all sail over to Malata, professor?
  • And when the spring comes we are to sail for Italy, for France.
  • They box, run, shoot, ride, row, and sail from pole to pole.
  • If you lose, you take the job at Karo-Karo and sail at daylight.
  • On what ocean did Peary sail on his journey to the North Pole?
  • We'll sail out tomorrow, or take the motor boat, according to the wind.
  • Let us spread our sail to the favorable gale, now that it blows.' ...

How To Use Sail In A Sentence?

  • When within a short sail of this post a severe and sudden attack of the gout came on.
  • As you sail up the river you may see large portions of land lying right out in the water.
  • I got on board a vessel about making sail from the harbor, and abandoned myself to the wide world.
  • A mere rag of sail was set on each, and yet they tore over the waves at tremendous speed.
  • The plan of the cruise was to sail round the British Islands from the westward.
  • She said that she would sail at once for France, and that I must not try to follow her.
  • I shall sail far in the two months that I shall give myself before I come back.
  • He would sail upon the high seas; he would stand in the presence of the Great King.
  • At the hour when my wife and Clara set sail for America, Susy was in no danger.
  • Could she but know her lover was in the bark whose white sail now gleamed on the sunny bosom of the sea!
  • For, if they have not numerical superiority where they anchor, they have only to sail a mile or two to find it.
  • Val thought of a lost ship in which she had thought to sail with all she loved to the islands of the blest, and her breath caught in her throat.
  • Our sail of eight miles down the lake furnished us with appetites which gave to the beautiful speckled trout we caught there a peculiar relish.
  • The vessel was to sail next day, and the young men were going with the captain to make some final arrangements about their cabins.
  • They'll dart past and roun' about a ship in full sail before the wind, just as if she was at anchor.
  • Immediately the two began to get out their sweaters and warm skirts as if to start at once, though the sail had been fixed for next morning.
  • Not unfrequently the fierce stream sweeps them into its bed and away, to the great peril of all who sail or row upon its waters.
  • It seemed a gruelling hard thing to us to sail just on the opening of the shooting season, but the wuzzies were troubling a bit.

Definition of Sail

To be impelled or driven forward by the action of wind upon sails, as a ship on water; to be impelled on a body of water by steam or other power. | To move through or on the water; to swim, as a fish or a waterfowl. | To ride in a boat, especially a sailboat.
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