Saints In A Sentence

Definition of Saints

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of saint | plural of saint

How To Use Saints In A Sentence?

  • Stand up, son of saints and martyrs.
  • I wondered if the insect knew saints from sinners.
  • May the little saints look after you on the big waters.
  • The lower panels often depict saints and martyrs.
  • They sound louder still on the saints days and festivals.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Saints | Saints Sentence

  • Her saints had been with her to the end.
  • Had not all the saints loved?
  • All the saints salute you.
  • The saints no more afraid.
  • The saints of other days.
  • Many saints were poets.
  • The greatest saints have succumbed.
  • We have only a few legends of the saints to mention.
  • Among men saints have been more plentiful.
  • It is the saints who are always in the wrong.
  • A calendar of saints for unbelievers.
  • May the little saints guide you.
  • These four saints are on the piers.
  • Figures of saints and other images are carved out of it.
  • The saints were not fanatical or dark.
  • The saints are the only complete philosophers.
  • Our fathers were saints in judgment.
  • The living saints shall be changed.
  • And the saints are equally clear and insistent.
  • There has always been saints outside of a convent.
  • Would there were saints on the cabs, too!
  • Those who came first were the saints of the sword.
  • To-morrow she will be united with the saints in communion.
  • There are also guardian saints of cities.
  • Let the saints look like that if they could!
  • No, the saints be praised!
  • The dead saints shall be raised.
  • The saints of heaven protect us!
  • The blessed saints still had them in their keeping!
  • As the saints in time long olden.
  • Oh, saints in heaven!
  • Thus certain saints metamorphosed sinners into wolves.
  • The departed saints would not lie with the reprobate.
  • They are all alike, saints or devils!
  • In this year of grace there are no saints left alive!

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