Salad In A Sentence

Definition of Salad

A food made primarily of a mixture of raw or cold ingredients, typically vegetables, usually served with a dressing such as vinegar or mayonnaise. | A raw vegetable of the kind used in salads.

How To Use Salad In A Sentence?

  • Clean and bone the fish and then place in baking dish and spread freely with salad oil.
  • Pour over the salad a little gelatin every few minutes to fill the crevices and cover the top.
  • Now fill with a good salad oil and when the iron is heated, oil it on both sides.
  • Blend by beating with fork and when smooth add slowly three-quarters cup of salad oil.
  • Work with a fork to a smooth thick paste, and then add slowly one-half cup of salad oil.
  • Mince fine and then cook until soft, taking care not to brown, in two tablespoons of salad oil.
  • I ate half a chicken croquette, and Susan placed the salad before Richard, and another plate.
  • Haidee made the toast on the salad fork, Val buttered it with dripping, Bran laid the table.
  • Many varieties of salad dressing may be prepared from mayonnaise or from the dressing purchased in bottles.
  • For those who cannot eat raw cucumbers a very nice salad is made by peeling and then boiling until tender, the cucumbers.
  • This dressing may be used on potatoes, chicken and celery salad and with cold meat or plain lettuce.
  • Toss to mix thoroughly and then prepare individual nests of lettuce and place three-quarters cup of the potato salad in each nest.
  • Wash well and then brush with salad oil and place in broiler, shell side up, and cook for fifteen minutes.
  • Prale found that his soup was lukewarm, his salad dressing prepared imperfectly, the salad itself a mere mess of vegetables.
  • Put the pimento, cheese and onion through the food-chopper and then add four tablespoons of salad dressing and use for sandwich filling.
  • The first course was salad served with rancid oil, which immediately brought me and the Frenchman on deck.
  • Motoring to the salad course, the group found the dining-room lighted by blue candles, though the guests were begged not to feel blue.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Salad | Salad Sentence

  • This salad is delicious.
  • Are you going to make the salad in here?
  • Brush the steak with salad oil and then broil.
  • Use a good grade of salad oil.
  • The variety of salad greens is remarkable.
  • Beat in slowly six tablespoons of salad oil.
  • This amount of salad will serve eight persons.
  • Now spread on the potato salad in an even layer.
  • Use three-quarters cup salad oil.
  • The making of a successful salad is an art indeed.
  • Judith had returned, carrying the salad in its green bowl.
  • Walnut Salad No. 1, 47.
  • Shake until well blended and then pour over the salad as you serve it.
  • Take them off of salad dressings and they are just naturally null and void.
  • With the salad simple bread and butter sandwiches were eaten.
  • Turn the flesh side up and baste with salad oil or melted butter.
  • I could digest a salad gathered in a churchyard as well as in a garden.
  • Place on a platter and brush with salad oil and let stand for one-half hour.
  • Dip the meaty part in a salad oil and fry until golden brown in hot skillet.
  • Rub hand with salad oil, before preparing the peppers, to prevent burns.
  • Pour one tablespoon of salad oil on top; adjust the rubber and lid and seal.
  • I will have the salad made before they go, and I will make the tea.
  • Mix, form into flat cakes, brush with salad oil; place on baking dish.

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