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How To Use Salary In A Sentence?

  • Any teacher discovered teaching any phase of religion forfeits his or her salary for that month.
  • Large as his salary is, it is the least distinctive feature of his high office.
  • With very rare exceptions the salary has been five per cent, on the rents received.
  • I shall be chagrined if you pay me my salary in paper, but it would be just, no more than just.
  • Fortunately I paid the members of the company their monthly salary only a few days ago.
  • Fanny Beaupre had nothing left to pawn, and her salary was pledged to pay her debts.
  • Yet his annual salary was fixed at but $2500, as compared with the $4000 paid to Dutton.
  • I had just been paid my salary and that, with some money I had saved, I brought with me.
  • Evidently the bigger salary the bigger profit to the whisky distiller was the rustic's theory.
  • I had instructed him to find a boarding-house of as respectable a character as my light salary as editor would command.
  • Next day the young reporter got a raise in salary and the woman swallowed two ounces of permanganate of potassium.
  • The salary would not be large at first, but if he showed himself capable it might lead to something better.
  • Does one say, this is asking too much of the burdened country pastor with his meager salary and widespread parish?
  • His salary is only twenty-eight shillings a week, and we know nothing whatever about him except that his references were satisfactory.
  • Your salary to begin with will be ten pounds a week, and of course your expenses that you may incur in the course of your work.
  • He receives a salary of five thousand a year, and a share in the profits of his department, which amounts to as much.
  • Orion's salary was eighteen hundred dollars a year, and he wouldn't even support his dictionary on it.
  • A fact not altogether free from humour is that the salary of the English tax-collector is a percentage of what he can extract from the tax-payer.
  • In October 1780, his appointment was more definitely established and he was given a salary of fifteen ducats a month.
  • After all, there was not only his salary to be relied upon, but his commissions, dependent upon his own energy, which seemed boundless.
  • My salary was raised voluntarily every six months; I enjoyed their games with them in our ample playgrounds.
  • Pony Express riders received an average salary of from one hundred dollars to one hundred and twenty-five dollars a month.
  • The other never raises his eyes; says it's scarcely worth one's while for the miserable salary one gets. . .
  • Mary knew, and Nannie's first month's salary had been spent in the purchase of a serge one-piece frock.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Salary | Salary Sentence

  • Not when my salary is raised!
  • The amount of salary would be no object.
  • Do you ask that your salary shall be doubled?
  • More than half my salary goes into her greasy pocket!
  • God knows why; but they have to earn their salary somehow.
  • His salary was L50 a year.
  • How much salary did I promise you?
  • His salary is paid to him, not so much for what he does as for what he is.
  • That salary clause should have been doctored to make a sliding scale of it.
  • Her last quarter's salary was in her little satchel.
  • Her salary is paid from the city or from district special school funds.
  • Pepys's salary had been previously fixed at L350 a-year.
  • It added $2,500 to the annual salary of the Congressman or $5,000 for a term.
  • In Pepys's patent the salary is stated to be L33 6s.
  • Wait till Saturday afternoon, when I draw my new salary for the first time.
  • Anne's salary had helped a great deal in getting the trousseau together.

Definition of Salary

(obsolete) Saline. | To pay on the basis of a period of a week or longer, especially to convert from another form of compensation. | A fixed amount of money paid to a worker, usually calculated on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages. Implies a degree of professionalism and/or autonomy.
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