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  • This was a salient point of attack.
  • This is the salient point at issue.
  • Pause before the word and give it a salient stress.
  • I will remind you briefly of the salient facts.
  • Let us glance at some of the salient points.
  • All these archaic phrases have one salient peculiarity.
  • Here lies the salient point of the whole affair.
  • A shot from the salient group of trees decided him.
  • That night the northern side of the salient fell back.
  • The Warsaw salient was now in great peril.
  • For some hours he held a salient in the Federal position.
  • Peter is again in it the one salient figure (xviii. 21).
  • Determination of the Salient Features.
  • So we left the Ypres Salient for the last time.
  • I offer them as types containing the salient peculiarities of all.
  • This salient wing has no corresponding excrescence on the other side.
  • Already we are in possession of the salient facts as regards outlawry.
  • His compression and selection of salient points are remarkable.
  • Other playwrights may create more salient and memorable figures.
  • In a brief sketch only his salient points can be touched upon.
  • This wall has salient and retiring angles, with curtains interposed.
  • His most salient trait is his impudence, but even that is of a negative type.
  • The salient was greatly narrowed now, and our men were shelled on three sides.
  • Legibility, neatness, and clearness are the salient virtues of a letter.
  • The French nibbled unceasingly at this salient during the winter.

How To Use Salient In A Sentence?

  • Never was more salient illustration of the doctrine of the forgiveness of injuries.
  • The salient points of the situation were so marked that they could not be missed.
  • These qualities enable him to grasp the significance of the salient features of the situation.
  • Let us now gather up the salient decisions which we have reached in all our past investigation.
  • The life of a school-girl presents but few salient points to arrest the interest.
  • It will also include a statement of the salient features of the existing logistics situation.
  • The salient characteristic of this period of militant unrest is its lack of co-ordination.
  • And it is not only admirable in singular and salient talents, but also in the world of manners.
  • You appear to bring out the salient features of a handsome face, even if you accentuate them.
  • Val knew why, and the knowledge etched new shadows under her salient cheek-bones.
  • Aronach was strict, he never departed from a rule; it was his chief and salient characteristic.
  • A sweeper, with a broom and a basket, was busy removing some of the more salient rubbishes.
  • It is not necessary to dwell more lengthily on this salient aspect of Leighton.
  • Moreover, the good which Grant did is of that salient kind which will not be forgotten.
  • But the real attack on this salient of the German position came from a very different quarter.

Definition of Salient

Worthy of note; pertinent or relevant. | Prominent; conspicuous. | (heraldry, usually of a quadruped) Depicted in a leaping posture.
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