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  • Salvatore shrugs his shoulders.
  • Giacobinismo prende luogo di salvatore delle istituzioni!
  • Salvatore nel Cassaro.
  • Sancto Salvatore (Durantus de), 104.
  • Farina Salvatore.
  • On his way there he meets Salvatore, who is ready to help him at his request.
  • The king consents, but threatens Salvatore with death in case of failure.
  • A rich man is ill, and Salvatore promises to heal him in three days.
  • When they lowered the rope, Salvatore made the princesses ascend one by one.
  • S. SALVATORE, Frescoes.
  • S. SALVATORE, Annunciation.
  • Colalto.= S. SALVATORE: Pordenone.
  • MARCO, SALVATORE M. Introduction to heat transfer.
  • Salvatore said: "Grandfather, why are you so disturbed?"
  • Salvatore di Raffaello, o del Tiziano, che esprimono
  • Salvatore M. Marco (A);

How To Use Salvatore In A Sentence?

  • For what of the poetic ecstasy on her Salvatore heights had not been of origin divine?
  • And she had no peace wondering why Salvatore did not appear for all he had the apple, the pomegranate, and the crown.
  • But although he does everything exactly like Salvatore, the only effect of the potion is to kill the princess.
  • After Salvatore had seen him depart, he took his magic crown and ordered splendid clothes and carriages.
  • When she appeared the two brothers took her, and left Salvatore in the cistern, and returned to the palace.
  • Not the Salvatore high raptures nor the nights of social applause could appear preferable: she strained her shattered wits to try them.
  • Giuseppe Salvatore, in the corner house, had never ceased talking of the ride he had when his father died, the year before.
  • Higher and more-celestial than the Salvatore, it was likewise, now she could assure herself serenely, independent of the horrid blood-emotions.
  • There he meets a man who seems acquainted with his whole life and whose name is Salvatore (Saviour).
  • The relatives of the rich man offer in their gratitude all manner of costly things to Salvatore, who, however, accepts only enough to support life.
  • When she interrogated herself, she flew to Lugano and her celestial Salvatore, that she might be defended from a charge of the dreadful weakness of her sex.
  • When he reached the palace, he did not go to the kitchen, but before the bride and groom could say "yes," "Stop!" said Salvatore.
  • The dead, however, comes to life, and in gratitude offers her hand, through her father, to Salvatore, who declares that it is his vocation to wander over the earth.
  • Others were presented to the Church of San Salvatore a Bireta at Atrani, where the doges of Amalfi were elected.
  • NOS Durantus de Sancto Salvatore doctor decretorum, cannonicus Romanensis & officialis Valentinus, notum facimus ...
  • For the Servites of Bologna he executed an Annunciation on panel, and for S. Salvatore a Crucifixion, with many pictures of various kinds throughout the whole city.
  • One morning on the Salvatore heights would wash her clear of the webs defacing and entangling her. CHAPTER XXIV.
  • Un occhio di Santa Tecla, uno stinco di San Tommaso, che apparteneva all'incredulo che volle toccar le piaghe del Salvatore.
  • Basaiti, Polidoro, Tintoretto, Titian, Girolamo da Treviso. S. SALVATORE: Titian.
  • From there, towards the middle of the month, five companies were sent to the new barracks at Imtarfa and the other three were put out into various holes and corners at Zabbar, Salvatore and other undesirable residences.
  • He painted another facade at the Porta di S. Mammolo, and a frieze round the principal chapel of S. Salvatore, so extravagant and so full of absurdities that it would provoke laughter in one who was on the verge of tears.
  • In this way the Kaiser's mercury mines of Abbadia, San Salvatore and Corte Vecchia in Tuscany are being protected, and nobody in Italy is under any misapprehension as to what is going on there.
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