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  • And all of the same person.
  • The same person and not the same.
  • Are you really the same person?
  • Same person wrote both of them!
  • He can scarcely be called the same person.
  • Yet he would have been precisely the same person.
  • I mean, he is the same person.
  • Your old executioner and my spy one and the same person!
  • It is tiresome, too, to see too much of the same person.
  • The same person shall not be a member of both Houses.
  • Clearly it could not be the same person, I argued.
  • But it does not follow that this should always be the same person.
  • They were talking of the same person he had just been to see.
  • After some hesitation he said he thought he was the same person.
  • Was it not probable that the same person had fired both shots?
  • But it can't be the same person.
  • All these incarnations are regarded as of one and the same person.
  • Slingsby were the one and the same person instead of being uncle and nephew.
  • You have seen that the pictures in the two lockets are of the same person?
  • The epistles are addressed to nobody; and they are signed by the same person.
  • None of this family were sold to the same person except my wife and one sister.
  • He had read somewhere that a man is never twice in love with the same person.
  • It was one of his artistic methods to paint the same person many times.
  • Only, unfortunately, they're one and the same person.
  • So, you see, sir, she can't be the same person.
  • It is evident that the same person did not write it and the Fourth Gospel.
  • Indeed, I doubt if you ever get those two faculties united in the same person.
  • At first I thought Laponi was the same person who stole the ring.
  • Can the same person, thought Ellis, be so innocent, yet so mischievous?

How To Use Same Person In A Sentence?

  • Here and there were the same places to her, and him and him were the same person.
  • It is not given to any man or woman to fall in love more than once with the same person.
  • It was said not to be the first death caused by the criminal thoughtlessness of the same person.
  • The same person is entered in two places if he is spoken of under slightly different names.
  • The same person in different moments often refers to the same object or kind of objects.
  • Tributes and rent, being alike paid in kind and to the same person, were easily confused.
  • I used to sit and wonder how the self-same person could become so changed all in one minute.
  • Nor is there wisdom in limiting the Presidential office to a single term in the same person.
  • So great was it, that I could hardly persuade myself that it was the same person.
  • Equality and command, in the same person, are incompatiable; therefore, cannot exist together.
  • And the words "He shall come" indicate that all these titles are meant for the same person.
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