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  • From different parts of this mixture a large sample was taken, from which the chemist took his samples for analysis.
  • A very good sample was the notorious Yankee Sullivan, an ex-prize-fighter, ward-heeler, ballot-box stuffer, and shoulder-striker.
  • Water 0.340 " This sample was probably intended to contain 30 per cent.
  • In this score, it was considered that the crackability of the sample was measured by the weight of the first crack; the yield, by the total weight of kernels secured from the sample; the marketability by the number of quarters and halves.
  • The poor little "sample" was growing quite rough looking and frowsy, from being pulled in and out of Twaddles' coat so many times, and it was almost noon when they had disposed of all but one cat.
  • If the results are to be of any value, the test must be made with care to avoid all sources of error; the tester must know that the bacteria causing the gas and bad flavors in the sample were originally present in the milk at the time the sample was taken, and that they have not come from the containers used or from other sources.
  • This was the first and possibly is the only statistical enquiry yet made on the subject, and although the number of cases was minute in proportion to the population, the evidence afforded by that sample was sufficient to be conclusive, that at any rate a cause, and probably the chief cause, of the fall in the birth-rate was voluntary limitation of families.
  • Doubtless the constitution of Prof. Voelcker's sample was somewhat different from the original constitution of my own; but practically, except perhaps for the addition of a trifling amount of residual carbon remaining after the decomposition, they were about the same; and, after being used ten times over, the whole of the 800 pounds of organic matter added, including 230 pounds of nitrogen, seem to have entirely disappeared.
  • _Appearance, etc._--The sample was of a deep brown color, of a fluidity intermediate between olive and castor oil, and possessed a strong, rather disagreeable odor.

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  • No, he hadn't noticed, but the sample was very pretty, he thought.

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